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Enterprise Vision——To become a large mining Group with internationally competitive, to create an internationalization enterprises with excellence and efficiency.

Enterprise Mission——Responsible for the country, responsible for the society, responsible for the customer, responsible for the staff

【Responsible for the country】Make contributions to the country,make Shandong China Coal group grow stronger and larger and make greater contributions to China's economic and social development.
【Responsible for the society】Pursue harmonization of efficiency and the environment for a harmonious society.
【Responsible for the customer】Win the customer trust and market acceptance with excellent product quality.
【Responsible for the staff】Seek happiness for employees people-oriented,help the realization of personal value and improvement of quality of life.

Enterprise Value——To build the harmonious values, to build the harmonious enterprise image, to build the harmonious enterprise culture atmosphere

【Build the Harmonious Values】Adhere to scientific development concept lead harmony, broaden the market, extended industry chain, form a complete and efficient management model, always put the interests of enterprise and employee together.
【Build The Harmonious Enterprise Image】adhere to the path of sustainable development, to promote harmony, focus on the harmonious development of enterprises and nature, to establish a harmonious enterprise which is "sincerity, security, responsibility, green, environmental protection".
【Build the Harmonious Enterprise Culture Atmosphere】Adhere to the cultural management to cultivate harmony, to create an equal, open, harmonious and upward corporate culture atmosphere, fully motivating employee's activity, to enhance the cohesion and solidarity of enterprises.

Core Philosophy——Professional Efficient Win-win Sincerity

【Professional】Professional is the foundation of build a career. Focus on industrial and mining equipment industry, providing the highest quality products and services with the most professional attitude, is core competence advantage of China Coal Group.
【Efficient】Efficient is the foundation of Societe Generale. Emphasis on management and operation of high efficiency, reform incentive mechanism, mobilize the enthusiasm of employees, optimizing operation procedure, improve operational efficiency and economic efficiency.
【Win-win】Win-win is the essence of success. It should cooperat and win-win in industry, teamwork in enterprise, play the advantages of enterprises and individuals, to create the overall value of the enterprise.
【Sincerity】Sincerity is the law of long-term development. Operating with sincerity, managing with sincerity, sincerely to provide customers with quality products and services, sincerely to give employees affirmation and feedback, improve brand image, to set up the idea of sincerity management.
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