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CTY Mining Electric Locomotive




Product introduction

CTY mining electric locomotive is a traction device for rail transport vehicles, drive the wheels by traction motor and by the friction between the wheel and rail. Safety and special explosion-proof version,provide with a variety of models and voltage gradients.

Technical Features

  • CTY mining electric locomotive
  • CTY Mining Electric Locomotive has the features of energy saving,application of modern chopped wave or frequency ,conversion technology,two-stage speed change,rubber shock absorber,reliable operation,it is the ideal energy saving substitute for resistance speed regulation electric locomotive.

  • CTY Mining Electric Locomotive has double end cabs can be developed at customer's request,featuring application of chopped wave speed. Structure of CTY mining electric locomotive is simple, defective rate is very low, easy to maintenance.

  • CTY mining electric locomotive

Technical Parameters

Model CTY8/6,7,9G(B)
Adhesive Weight(t) 8
Track Gauge(mm) 600,762,900
Traction(kN) 11.18 12.83
 Max. Traction(kN) 19.62
Speed(km/h) 6.2 7.8
Power Supply Device Voltage(V) 110,132 140,144
Capacity(An) 440
Power(kW) 11×2 15×2
Size Length(mm) 4470,4490
Width(mm) 1062,1190,1212,1350
Height(mm) 1600
Wheelbase(mm) 1100 1150
Wheel Diameter(mm) Φ680  Φ600,Φ680
Min. Turning Radius(m) 7
 Controller Resistance,IGBT or Frequency conversion
Brake Mechanical

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