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2.5T Portable Electric Telescopic Forklift Seated Stacker

Mini electric Reach Truck delivers power and performance in a compact size to help you work in the tightest applications. Its ability to fit through a narrow doorway makes it an excellent machine for indoor demolition work.

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2.5T Portable Electric Telescopic Forklift Seated Stacker Introduction

Rules for safe driving of forklifts:


1) Forklift drivers must pass the examinations of relevant departments and obtain the special type of work operation certificate issued by the agency before they can drive the forklift, and strictly abide by the following safety operation regulations.


2) Must carefully study and strictly abide by the operating regulations, attribute vehicle performance and road conditions in the operating area. Master the basic knowledge and skills of forklift maintenance, and do well in the maintenance of the vehicle in accordance with the regulations.


3) It is strictly forbidden to drive with people, drink and drive, no eating, drinking and chatting while driving, and no cell phone conversations while driving.


4) The vehicle should be inspected strictly before use, and it is strictly forbidden to leave the vehicle with a fault, and it is not allowed to forcibly pass through the road with potential threats of dangerous goods.


5) The rules must be followed: Don’t drive a forklift when you feel tired, not concentrated, after using anesthetics or drinking alcohol.


6) Workplace safety: Make sure that the work environment is in a safe condition, including good road conditions and adequate lighting.


7) Keep the electric forklift, especially the cab clean: do not put tools or other objects in the cab to avoid obstructing the operation of the joystick or pedal. When your hands are greased, please do not operate the forklift. When your hands are slippery or greased, do not operate the forklift. Forklifts are very dangerous work.


2.5T Portable Electric Telescopic Forklift Seated Stacker Parameter


vehicle parameters


The body size, height and other configurations can be customized according to customer needs


Technical Parameters

Maximum Lifting Weight

25 00kg


2500mm without forks


3 72 0mm including fork





Vehicle weight

32 00kg

Lifting height

3 meters (can be customized)

body material

Extended wheelbase body

Electrical System

travel motor

5000 W brushless AC motor




Anti-slope high power controller


Acid lead 60D ( 10 pieces)

lights and signals

Lighting lights, left and right turn signals, brake lights,

Running lights, instruments, electric horns, etc.

Chassis system

drive axle

Full-floating integrated ( 256 ) heavy-duty low-speed drive axle


Front wheel 650-10 ( high wear-resistant solid tire) rear wheel 500-8 ( high wear-resistant solid tire)

Steering axle

Special rear axle for heavy -duty forklift

braking method

hand brake, oil brake

other configuration

Lift cylinder

Reinforced sealed double oil cylinder

Fork length

1 220 mm extra-thick forged forks

hydraulic lift motor

5 000w brushless

Gantry material

G-shaped steel mast for forklift


hydraulic power steering

Turning radius

90° turnable in situ

charging time

8-10 hours

Continuous working time

8 hours

climbing angle


Car accessories

Charger Awning Instruction Manual


2.5T Portable Electric Telescopic Forklift Seated Stacker Photos

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