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China Coal Group Passes Intellectual Property Management System Certification

Date:28/10/2023   View: 168   Tags: China Coal News Standardization Certification

On October 28, the expert group of intellectual property management system certification visited China Coal Group for on-site audit. Mr. Qu Qing, Chairman of China Coal Group, Mr. Han Yong, General Manager of China Coal Group, Mr. Li Zhenbo, General Manager of Informatization of the Group and General Manager of Zhongyun Group, Mr. Shao Hua, Executive Vice President of the Group and General Manager of Manufacturing Corporation, Mr. Yu Cui, Executive Vice President of the Group and General Manager of E-commerce Company, Mr. Guan Chenghui, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Group, Mr. Lu Shuli, and heads of the relevant departments and other leaders took part in the review.

The expert group visited China Coal Group's corporate culture exhibition hall, intelligent manufacturing achievements exhibition hall, e-commerce company, cross-border e-commerce company, big data center, operation company, science and technology company, China Coal Group's intelligent manufacturing production workshop, digital construction machinery workshop and so on. Through the visit, the expert group highly praised the comprehensive strength of high-end equipment manufacturing, intelligent production line, digital production management, as well as e-commerce sales model and new generation of information technology of China Coal Group.

At the first meeting, Mr. Han expressed his warm welcome to the experts of the audit team and introduced the operation of the Group's IPR management system and the important role of IPR work in the company's operation and production, scientific and technological innovation, risk prevention and control. It is hoped that through this audit, the Group's intellectual property management system will be improved continuously.

During the on-site audit, the audit team reviewed the IPR-related processes and activities of the Group's office, finance, audit, R&D, production, sales and other departments and units through checking the records of the system operation documents, on-site observation and face-to-face interviews, etc. The audit team evaluated the validity and appropriateness of the operation of the Group's IPR management system and put forward valuable opinions.

At the last meeting, the audit expert group expressed its gratitude to the leaders of our group for attaching great importance to intellectual property and the active cooperation of all departments, and affirmed the work done by the group in the implementation and operation of the intellectual property management system, fully affirmed the structure construction of the group's intellectual property management system, intellectual property operation, and the achievements in the transformation of scientific and technological fruits, etc., and unanimously agreed that the intellectual property management system passed the on-site audit.

Through this intellectual property management system certification audit, the Group will further optimize and improve its intellectual property management system, prevent and resolve intellectual property risks, promote innovation-driven development, and lay a solid foundation for the Group to strengthen its intellectual property management and contribute to high-quality development. In the next step, China Coal Group will take this IPR management system audit and certification as an opportunity to continue to implement the strategy of strengthening intellectual property rights, continuously improve the awareness of intellectual property rights protection, strengthen the systematic management of intellectual property rights, and help the Group form a more effective protection of the existing core key technologies, so as to promote the Group's high-quality development and empowerment.


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