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Ms. Aoya,Head Of Mongolian Railway Project Visited China Coal Group To Discuss Strategic Cooperation

Date:03/07/2023   View: 179   Tags: China Coal News Mongolia The The Belt and Road

On July 3, Ms. Aoya, the person in charge of the Mongolian railway project, visited China Coal Group to negotiate and sign a procurement contract on the procurement of materials for the new key railway project in Mongolia. Qu Qing, Chairman of China Coal Group, Han Yong, general manager of the group, Li Zhenbo, general manager of information technology of China Coal Group and general manager of China Transport Group, Yu Cui, executive deputy general manager of China Coal Group and general manager of e-commerce, Guan Chenghui, deputy secretary of the group party committee, Zhang Wen, general manager of the group's cross-border e-commerce company, and Chen Chao, Sun Huan, representatives of the group's cross-border e-commerce company's major projects in Mongolia, received warm reception.

Prior to this, representatives of key railway projects in Mongolia visited China Coal Group several times to renew the procurement contracts, with the total value of the contracts exceeding 1 billion yuan. The signing of the contract has received great attention from the Mongolian Embassy in China. On the day of the signing of the contract, the director of the Mongolian Embassy in China sent a congratulatory message to express his congratulations on the cooperation between the two parties. The multiple strategic cooperations in the early stage also reflect the high affirmation of Mongolian cooperative enterprises for our group's excellent product quality, timely and fast logistics and transportation capabilities, and the honest business philosophy of being responsible to customers.

Ms. Aoya's visit this time is because of the comprehensive strength and international influence of China Coal Group, as well as its strong production and manufacturing capabilities and excellent product quality. When visiting the China Coal Group corporate culture exhibition hall, intelligent manufacturing achievement exhibition hall, group enterprise R&D center, e-commerce company, and cross-border e-commerce company, I have a deeper understanding of the powerful comprehensive strength of our group. In the digital workshop of intelligent equipment production and manufacturing, Ms. Aoya observed the production process of railway equipment and checked the samples of new railway equipment produced. recognized.

At the symposium, Qu Qing, Chairman of China Coal Group, extended a warm welcome to Ms. Aoya. Subsequently, Chairman Qu made a detailed introduction on the basic situation, operation situation, industrial layout and current production and development prospects of our group, as well as the establishment of China Coal Group Mongolia Railway Mining Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. in Mongolia. Chairman Qu said that China Coal Group, as a member of the United Nations Global Compact, has actively participated in the construction of global railway projects for many years. With its first-class product quality and customer-oriented service concept, China Coal Group has launched the China Coal brand in the world. The railway equipment produced by the group has been exported to more than 60 countries along the 'The Belt and Road' for many times, making positive contributions to accelerating the construction of the 'The Belt and Road'. The cooperation with Mongolia is an important measure for our group to follow the 'The Belt and Road' development strategy. The whole group attaches great importance to it. We will establish long-term cooperation with Mongolia with more excellent products and services to maintain trade between the two countries.

Ms. Aoya expressed her heartfelt thanks to our group for the smooth delivery of key railway project materials. She said that China and Mongolia have a good foundation for cooperation, and the previous cooperation has been successfully concluded. With a deeper understanding of the corporate development concept of customer responsibility, and also feeling the sincerity of cooperation of China Coal Group, we will continue to maintain long-term strategic cooperation with China Coal Group and jointly promote trade between China and Mongolia.

Afterwards, the two parties exchanged opinions on the purchase of a new batch of railway equipment. Ms. Oya and our group signed a new batch of railway equipment procurement contracts worth 500 million yuan for key railway projects in Mongolia.

The cooperation between our group and Mongolia this time has important strategic significance and industry influence, and has played a positive role in promoting trade exchanges between China and Mongolia and accelerating the joint construction of the 'The Belt and Road' between the two countries. In the next step, our group will continue to rely on excellent product quality and good service advantages, grasp the driving role of the 'The Belt and Road' strategy on the export of railway equipment, and actively deploy in countries along the 'The Belt and Road'. The life cycle service platform provides customers with high-quality services, and with strong technological innovation capabilities and strong brand influence, it actively builds a new pattern of external development and expands the world map of China Coal Group.


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