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What Are The Maintenance Methods Of Mechanical Equipment

Date:21/12/2020   View: 408   Tags: machine service

In the maintenance of mechanical equipment, even for the same machine, due to the differences in machine operators and products produced between different enterprises, the equipment maintenance of each enterprise has its own characteristics. For this reason, maintenance personnel should strictly adopt different maintenance methods according to the different characteristics of mechanical equipment, and cannot uniformly adopt a fixed single maintenance mode for maintenance.


Repair beforehand


Pre-maintenance can also be regarded as a preventive maintenance mode. Preventive maintenance mainly refers to checking the quality of the enterprise's machinery and equipment at any time, discovering problems, and performing repairs in a timely manner to avoid sudden damages during the operation of the papermaking machinery, improve the efficiency of mechanical fault diagnosis, and reduce the loss of equipment, so that the equipment can maximize Production capacity.


Conditional maintenance


Condition maintenance mainly refers to strengthening the inspection of the equipment during the daily operation of papermaking machinery and equipment, discovering various signs of equipment failure in time, preparing for maintenance in advance, performing maintenance in time, and reducing the occurrence of sudden mechanical failures. This maintenance method requires maintenance personnel to observe the operation of mechanical equipment from time to time. Through its own senses and effective detection methods, the hidden dangers of the equipment can be found. Compared with post-maintenance, this maintenance method gives full play to the subjective initiative of people, actively intervenes in the operation of mechanical equipment, and intervenes in advance through pre-maintenance. Maintenance reduces the difficulty of subsequent maintenance and improves the efficiency of mechanical equipment.


Periodic maintenance


In today's enterprise equipment maintenance, periodic maintenance methods are used more and more. Many companies have corresponding regular maintenance plans to maintain machinery and equipment. However, in the actual operation process, few companies really carry out equipment maintenance in accordance with the regular maintenance plan. Many companies only carry out regular maintenance of the equipment according to the relevant maintenance plan, and do not consider the particularity of the mechanical equipment in the actual operation.


In the actual operation of the equipment, affected by various factors, quality problems occur when the maintenance date is not reached, and the corresponding maintenance personnel cannot find the problems in time, resulting in a certain amount of enterprise resource loss and waste. Compared with conditional maintenance, regular maintenance is generally only applicable to departmental equipment where maintenance personnel have a clear understanding of the law of mechanical equipment wear.


Repair afterwards


Post-maintenance is mainly used for the maintenance of paper-making machinery and equipment after failure, or when the production efficiency of the equipment drops below the qualified level. Post-maintenance can reduce equipment downtime to a certain extent, but for many companies that require continuous production, damage to mechanical equipment may cause the entire production line to stop running, and the company will stop production, causing serious economic losses.


Therefore, as a kind of passive maintenance, post-maintenance is generally only for part of the equipment, without comprehensive inspection and maintenance of mechanical equipment. It is mainly used for the normal production of the enterprise and the impact is low, the utilization rate is low, and the maintenance technology is not complicated. The mechanical equipment is applicable.


Different maintenance methods have their own advantages and disadvantages. In the actual operation process, maintenance personnel should not blindly adopt some maintenance methods to repair the equipment, but should choose the most suitable maintenance method according to the characteristics of the equipment and its impact on production. At the same time, companies should actively perform preventive inspections of mechanical equipment, detect faults and alarms in time, improve maintenance efficiency, extend equipment life, and minimize economic losses caused by equipment failures.


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