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High-Standard High-Quality Construction High-Speed Rail

Date:14/02/2020   View: 376   Tags: High-Standard High-Quality High-Speed Rail
The mission is glorious because of arduousness, and the cause is wonderful because of struggle. The important instructions given by General Secretary Xi Jinping to the opening of the Beijing-Zhanghai High-speed Railway have aroused strong repercussions among cadres and employees throughout the road. We are deeply encouraged and excited. We must earnestly study, deeply understand, and resolutely implement the important directive spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping, and further strengthen the sense of political responsibility and historical mission of the Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed railway. Zhang Gaotie operates with high quality, and strives to make its due contribution to hosting a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Winter Olympics, and demonstrates greater achievements in serving the party and the overall work situation.

The Beijing-Zhangzhou High-speed Railway concentratedly showcases the latest achievements of China's high-speed railway technology leading the world, and is an important supporting project for the Beijing Winter Olympics. On the whole road, we must stand at the political height of strengthening the "four consciousnesses", strengthening the "four self-confidences", and achieving the "two maintenances", and do a good job of the follow-up work. Corporate mission.

It is necessary to take the spirit of implementing the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping as the driving force, unswervingly promote independent innovation, adhere to high quality, establish an image and achieve results, and consolidate and expand China's leading position in the world. Adhere to the traction of application needs, focus on key areas, promote independent innovation, make full use of modern information technology, further improve and enhance the intelligence level of the Beijing-Zhanghai high-speed rail, and provide reliable technical support.

We must adhere to the problem-oriented, goal-oriented, and result-oriented approaches, aim at serving the important construction goals of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and continue to do a good job in follow-up work. Before the beginning of winter in 2020, we will continuously improve and improve various work measures by serving the Winter Olympics test competition and the intelligent Beijing Telecom 5G penetration experience operation, and continuously improve the operation and service quality. From the winter of 2020 to the Beijing Winter Olympics, we will comprehensively implement measures to facilitate the convenience of the people, promote the normalization of intelligent high-speed rail service standardization, and comprehensively show the results of China's railway construction to passengers and Chinese and foreign guests.

It is necessary to clarify the timetable and roadmap, perform their duties and perform their respective duties, and promote the orderly progress of various tasks. Pay close attention to the shortcomings and shortcomings in the field of engineering construction and scientific and technological innovation, further optimize and improve, improve various safety guarantee measures, form a complete set of service management standard system, ensure a good transportation order, create a good atmosphere of publicity and public opinion, and show Beijing High-speed rail construction results.

Only by the day and night can we live up to Shaohua. We must take the spirit of implementing the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping as the basic guideline, with a high sense of professional glory and pride, continue to work hard, build and manage high-quality Beijing-Zhangzhou high-speed rail, and serve the strategy, economic and social development. Make new and greater contributions.


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