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Congratulations To The China Coal Group Corporation'S Carter Robotics UAV For Approval Of Flight Training Airspace

Date: 01/11/2019   View: 148   Tags: UAV Airspace
Recently, with the approval of the air traffic control and Meteorology Department of the Staff Department of Jinan base of the air force, it was agreed to set up a flight airspace for the multi rotor UAV flight training of Shandong Carter intelligent robot Co., Ltd. under China Coal Group, which marks that our UAV has obtained the legal flight right, which is of great significance to the next UAV pilot training of our company.

The approved UAV models are F450, S1000 and zm416. The take-off and landing site is located in Jining high tech Zone (N35 ° 23'33.84 "E116 ° 42'22.25). With the take-off and landing site as the center, the radius is within 500m, the flight height is below 100m (including 100m) or according to the temporary deployment of aviation management department. At present, our company is the first enterprise approved for UAV flight airspace in Jining City.

In recent years, in order to speed up the development of intelligent equipment manufacturing, China Coal Group has invested in the establishment of Shandong Carter intelligent robot Co., Ltd. to continuously increase the investment in UAV research. Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, it has successively developed a variety of UAV products, such as agricultural plant protection UAV, fire fighting UAV, patrol UAV, aerial photography UAV, smoke UAV, measurement UAV, etc. Among them, the UAV produced by the company has obtained the inspection certificate of the national plant protection machinery quality supervision and inspection center, the inspection certificate of Shandong electronic information product inspection institute and the EU CE safety certificate, and has been selected into the list of agricultural machinery subsidies in Anhui Province and the list of agricultural machinery subsidies in Jiangsu Province. The products have reached the leading position in the industry in terms of performance and technical specifications Level.

At present, our company has obtained the "Civil Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Operating License" issued by the East China regional administration of civil aviation. Our company has been selected as the director unit of China service robot industry alliance, the member unit of Shandong UAV industry alliance, the science and technology enterprise of Shandong Province, and the "Specialized, Special and New" enterprise of Jining City, which has played a positive role in the development of China's UAV industry The driving role of. The approved flight training airspace will further enhance our company's popularity and influence in the field of UAV aviation.

In the next step, in order to better cultivate high-level UAV application talents and serve local economic development, Shandong Carter Intelligent Robot Company will jointly carry out drone driver training with Jining GongXin Business Training School of China Coal Group. Our company will earnestly fulfill the relevant regulations on drone flight, consciously accept safety supervision, and timely submit approval for flight plan to better support the healthy and orderly development of the national drone industry!


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