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Operation Key Points of Rail Storage and Transportation

Date:18/02/2019   View: 969   Tags: Operation Key Points Rail Transportation

steel rail is an important material related to railway line safety, and for big goods, the quality requirement is higher than that of general steel. In order to prevent rail from being damaged, deformed and seriously corroded during loading, unloading, reversing and storage, the following measures should be taken.

Steel Rail Handling 
(1) Equipment
1. Lifting equipment and auxiliary equipment shall comply with relevant regulations, in good condition and in accordance with regulations.
Regular use, management and maintenance. _
2. Handling rails shall be equipped with lifting beams and hangers in accordance with the regulations, and ensure that the lifting device is not used.
3) Loading and unloading operations
1. The crane shall be used in accordance with the operating rules and the relevant regulations for lifting operations shall be observed. 2. The rail clamping distance shall not be more than 13 meters, and the clamping points at both ends of the rail shall be between the rail end and the rail end.
Not more than 7 meters. No single clamping point can be used. Typical schemes are as follows: two clamping points, each 6.5 meters from the rail end. Rail clamping should be firm and reliable.

When loading and unloading multiple rails at one time, the lifted rails should be kept at the same height. Two cranes should be Each crane
The hoisting and running should be synchronized, and the rail should be smooth during the operation.

6.When lifting rails with lifting gear, attention should be paid to the rope on both sides of rails for loaders and unloaders.
Man adjusts rail balance on both sides. 
7. Rail hoisting, running and falling should be done step by step. Rails should be hoisted horizontally and in place. Rail swing should be avoided during running. Rail can fall only after running smoothly. When lifting and running, the rail should be smooth, the difference between adjacent lifting points and horizontal points should not be greater than 150 mm and 120 mm, and the difference between height and horizontal points should not be greater than 300 mm and 500 mm in the whole length range. 8. Fall and rail impact should be avoided during loading and unloading. Rail height above 1 meter is strictly prohibited. If it happens, it should be discarded and not put into use.


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