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SHANDONG SHENGYUAN HOLDING CO.LTD Visit China Coal Group To Discuss Cooperation

Date:01/11/2023   View: 155   Tags: China Coal News Cooperation

In order to strengthen the in-depth cooperation, on November 1, Huang Ningning, general manager of Sales of SHANDONG SHENGYUAN HOLDING CO.LTD, Sun Xinlong, external business manager of Sales Department, Kong Lingjun, general manager of Sales of Shandong Xinfa Hydraulic Technology Co., LTD., visit China Coal Group to discuss cooperation, Han Yong, General manager of China Coal Group, Li Zhenbo, general manager of Information Technology of China Coal Group and General manager of China Yun Group, China Coal Group executive vice president, general manager of e-commerce Yu Cui, China Coal Group executive Vice president, general manager of manufacturing company Shao Hua and other leaders accompany the reception. The two sides hold in-depth discussions on strengthening in-depth cooperation in various fields.

Mr. Huang and his delegation, accompanied by Mr. Han, visit the China Coal Group corporate Culture Exhibition Hall, the Group intelligent manufacturing achievements Exhibition hall, the intelligent equipment exhibition hall, e-commerce companies, cross-border e-commerce companies, industrial design and development centers, big data centers, operating companies, and technology companies and have an in-depth understanding. During the visit, Mr. Huang ask about the production process, production equipment and product quality control in detail, and the relevant person in charge give detailed answers. Mr. Huang spoke highly of the company's product quality and production strength, and agree that our group has a strong market competitiveness.

After the visit, Mr. Huang and his delegation have a cordial and friendly talk with the leaders of our company. At the meeting, Mr. Han first welcome the arrival of the leaders of Shandong Shengyuan Holding Co., Ltd. and Shandong Xinfa Hydraulic Technology Co., LTD., and then introduce the group's development and future planning. Mr. Huang says that first-class service and high-quality products are the cornerstone of the development of the coal mining machinery industry, and the mature and efficient operation model is the continuous driving force for the development of the coal mining machinery industry, which is well felt in China Coal Group. This visit, from the details of the reception service of China Coal Group, to the product equipment, to the monitoring of product quality and the operation mode, deeply felt the determination, concentration, heart and ingenuity of China Coal Group in practicing the road of high-quality development.

Finally, Mr. Huang and his delegation fully affirmed the long-term and stable business cooperation between the two sides and the fruitful results achieved, he point out that China Coal Group, as a pioneer and practitioner in the field of coal mining machinery in China, has made outstanding contributions in promoting the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing industry, innovating collaborative models, and building industry exchange and cooperation platforms. Shandong Shengyuan Holding Co., Ltd. and China Coal Group have established long-term and stable friendly cooperative relations over the years, hoping that the two sides can continue to enhance exchanges, increase cooperation, combine advantages, gather wisdom, and contribute to the acceleration of high-quality development of China's coal mining machinery industry.

In the next step, our group will take this exchange as an opportunity to further deepen the cooperative relationship with SHANDONG SHENGYUAN HOLDING CO.LTD and Shandong Xinfa Hydraulic Technology Co., LTD., in order to achieve mutual benefit and win-win. We look forward to the two sides continuing to maintain a long-term cooperative partnership, two-way empowerment, and work together. Form complementary resources around their respective fields, achieve sustainable development, and promote the upgrading of intelligent manufacturing industry and business innovation!


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