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American Guests Invited to Visit China Coal Group

Date:27/07/2023   View: 167   Tags: China Coal News Visit

On July 27th, Ms. Yin Yin from the United States and General Manager Wang Yaxuan from Shanghai were invited by General Manager of Informatization of China Coal Group and General Manager of Zhongyun Group, Li Zhenbo, Deputy General Manager of Informatization and General Manager of Kuke Big Data Company, Su Yan, Vice General Manager of Zhongyun Group and General Manager of Zhongyun Group Cross-border E-commerce Company, Zhang Xing, and General Manager of the China Coal Group's Cross-border E-commerce Company, Zhang Wen, to visit China Coal Group to inspect the engineering machinery and equipment. Wang Yanlun, former chairman of Jining Mining Group, Li Yanli, former chairman of labor union of Yunhe Coal Mine, Liu Jianxia, former director of bank, and Li Chengxin accompanied the inspection, and Qu Qing, chairman of China Coal Group, and Han Yong, general manager of China Coal Group, accompanied the reception.

Accompanied by Mr. Li, the guests and his party have visited the group's intelligent manufacturing achievements exhibition hall, digital construction machinery workshop, coal mining equipment production workshop and cross-border e-commerce company, etc. Through the visit and exchange, the guests and their party said they were very glad to come to our group for a field visit, thanked us for the warm reception, and highly praised the group's good working environment, advanced production line, strict quality control, product quality, and innovative marketing mode. and innovative marketing mode. Afterwards, the two sides had an in-depth communication and reached a consensus in the conference room on the next strategic cooperation of coal mining equipment and engineering machinery equipment and the demand of products in the US market.

The visit of the American guests is an important measure for China Coal Group to adhere to the development strategy of "globalization". In the next step, the Group will continue to give full play to the sense of innovation, take science and technology as the forerunner, and produce more excellent construction machinery products and more mining machinery and equipment in line with the national safety standards with the spirit of craftsmanship, so as to continuously expand the share of the international market, and to provide the best products and services for the customers both at home and abroad.


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