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China Coal Group Participate Campus Recruitment Double Election Meeting Of The Business School Of Shandong Polytechnic College

Date:17/06/2022   View: 174   Tags: China Coal News Recruitment

On the afternoon of June 17, 2022, the Business School of Shandong Polytechnic College held the 2022 campus recruitment double election meeting. China Coal Group, as an excellent school-enterprise cooperation unit of Shandong Polytechnic College, is invited to participate. China Coal Group Executive Deputy General Manager, E-commerce Company General Manager Yu Cui, General Manager of the group's cross-border e-commerce company, Zhang Xing, deputy General Manager of China Transport Group, and Feng Yuyang, deputy director of the group's human resources department, went to the job fair to recruit talents for the group's development.

China Coal Group and Shandong Polytechnic College have established a cooperative relationship since 2014. The two sides have maintained a close cooperative relationship for many years. Regarding the arrival of China Coal Group, Che Yejun, Secretary of the Party Branch of the Business School of Shandong Polytechnic College , Nie Miao, Dean of the School of Business, expressed a warm welcome and went to the recruitment booth of China Coal Group to have an eager conversation.

China Coal Group has always attached great importance to the introduction and training of talents. This time, our group mainly recruits different positions in various fields such as e-commerce, international trade, foreign trade promotion, web front-end, Java development, software engineers, and mechanical engineers. Facing the excellent graduates who came with enthusiasm, Yu Cui, executive deputy General Manager of China Coal Group and General Manager of e-commerce company, introduced in detail the scale of China Coal Group, the development of major industries, future development plans,and focused on the recruitment. Relevant job requirements, welfare benefits, new employee training and career development prospects are highlighted.

Mr. Yu said that China Coal Group has its own Jining Industry and Information Business Training College, and new employees in each position will have targeted learning and training after taking up their jobs, with broad development prospects, large room for promotion, and good benefits. At the job fair, our group's strong group strength, good career prospects and generous benefits attracted many outstanding graduates to come to consult and actively seek interview opportunities, which received enthusiastic responses.

Over the years, China Coal Group has always attached great importance to the training of reserve talents. As a member unit of China School-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance, a demonstration unit of Shandong Province's integration of production and education (school-enterprise cooperation), and an employment training base for college graduates in Jining, the group has successively cooperated withe University of Cologne,Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,Shandong University of Political Science and Law,ShandongVocational University of Foreign Affairs,Shandong Foreign Trade Vocational College,Jining University,Shandong Polytechnic College,Jining Technician College,Jining Polytechnic,ZaoZhuang Vocational College of Science and Technology and many other colleges and universities have reached school-enterprise cooperation Alliance, set up China Coal branded class or order class, listed and set up a practical teaching base, an e-commerce training base, and a "double-qualified" teacher training and training base, strengthened the cooperation between the group and colleges and universities in talent training and scientific and technological research and development, and realized school-enterprise cooperation. The new model of integrated development has cultivated a group of innovative talents with high quality and high skills. Welcome more outstanding college graduates to the big platform of China Coal Group for employment and entrepreneurship. China Coal Group will provide every student with the broadest career development platform!


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