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China Coal Group Sent A Batch Of U Steel Supports And Hydraulic Props To Tongchuan, Shanxi And Changzhi, Shanxi

Date: 20/11/2020   View: 490   Tags: U Steel Supports Hydraulic Props ship

On November 20th, a batch of new U steel support equipment and single hydraulic prop products for mining were loaded in the intelligent equipment manufacturing workshop of China Coal Group, and then sent to a mine in Tongchuan City, Shaanxi Province and a mine in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. . Over the years, with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service, our group has sold more than 10,000 kinds of products to 34 provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country, and exported to 158 countries and regions around the world, establishing a good reputation and reputation in the industry.

China Coal Group Sent A Batch Of U Steel Supports And Hydraulic Props To Tongchuan, Shaanxi And Changzhi, Shanxi

The U steel bracket shipped this time is the best-selling product of our group. It has obtained the national utility model product patent certificate. The product has been improved and innovated on the basis of the original steel bracket, which is better suitable for mine roadways and secondary mine roadways. The support and support of mountain tunnels have many advantages such as high pressure, long support time, easy installation and non-deformation, and can reduce the use of pit wood, high recovery and reuse rate, and obvious environmental protection benefits. Since the product is put on the market Has been widely praised by customers at home and abroad.

Our self-developed and produced single hydraulic props for mines have undergone innovative improvements and overcome the shortcomings and problems of the DZ (piston type) single hydraulic props. They have high working resistance, light weight, long service life and working stroke. It has many advantages such as large size, low cost of use, convenient operation, wide range of use and good stability, and the market sales are very good. At present, the 62 models of mining hydraulic prop products independently developed and produced by our group have all obtained the national mining product safety mark certificate, and the products are very guaranteed in terms of quality and safety.

China Coal Group Sent A Batch Of U Steel Supports And Hydraulic Props To Tongchuan, Shaanxi And Changzhi, Shanxi

As a national contract-honoring and trustworthy enterprise, a national designated production unit for special equipment and accessories for coal mines, one of China's top 10 operating equipment enterprises, an outstanding enterprise in China's machinery industry, a demonstration enterprise of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's manufacturing double-creation platform, an enterprise with outstanding industrial contributions in Shandong Province, Provincial and industrialization integration innovation demonstration enterprise, Shandong Province "one enterprise one technology" innovation enterprise, Shandong Province enterprise technology center, China Coal Group actively responds to the national safety production requirements, strictly controls product quality, and strives to improve product quality and safety. Carrying out the safety certification of mining products. The group now has more than 200 national mining product safety certifications, more than 140 product patents, and more than 160 product inspection qualification reports issued by provincial and municipal quality and technical supervision and inspection departments. It has strong comprehensive strength in product safety research and development and manufacturing.

China Coal Group Sent A Batch Of U Steel Supports And Hydraulic Props To Tongchuan, Shaanxi And Changzhi, Shanxi

In the next step, our group will actively implement the national "Made in China 2025" development plan, adhere to technological innovation, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, continuously improve the international competitiveness of China Coal's independent brands, and return domestic and foreign customers with better products and services!


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