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Warmly Welcome The Leaders Of China Labor And Social Security Newspaper To Visit China Coal Group

Date: 14/11/2020   View: 317   Tags: China Coal News Leaders Visit And Interview

On the afternoon of November 13th, Sun Xingwei, editor-in-chief of China Labor and Social Security News, and his party were accompanied by He Yonghong, Chairman of the First Council of Jining Technical Education Group, Secretary of the Party Committee of Jining Technician College, and Yan Yunbo, Director of School-Enterprise Cooperation Department of Jining Technician College Visited China Coal Group, the vice chairman unit of Jining Technical Education Group, to visit and interview the situation of school-enterprise cooperation and new apprenticeship between the two sides. China Coal Group Chairman Qu Qing, China Coal Group General Manager, Jining Technical Education Group Vice Chairman Han Yong, China Coal Group Executive Vice President, Information General Manager Li Zhenbo, Group Party Committee Deputy Secretary Guan Chenghui, Group Office Deputy Director Wang Haonan and Leaders such as Liu Lu, Dean of Jining Industry and Information Business Vocational Training College under China Coal Group, and Zhang Zhuangzhi, Deputy Dean, accompanied him.

The visiting leaders visited the school-enterprise cooperation exhibition hall, talent training and training base, e-commerce company, and cross-border e-commerce company of China Coal Group. During the visit, Li Zhenbo, executive vice president and general manager of information technology of China Coal Group, gave a detailed introduction to the leaders Han Yong, general manager of China Coal Group and vice chairman of Jining Technical Education Group, reported on the development of our group in the fields of science and technology research and development, intelligent equipment manufacturing, e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce, etc. The group's naming class training, school-enterprise co-construction of internship training bases and employment bases, new apprenticeship training operation mode, and school-enterprise "teacher exchange" operation have won unanimous praise from visiting leaders.

As a member unit of the China School-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance and a demonstration unit of Shandong Province's industry-education integration (school-enterprise cooperation), China Coal Group actively builds a school-enterprise integration, industry-university-research development model, and successively cooperated with HMKW University of Cologne, Shandong University of Political Science and Law, Shandong Institute of Translation and Foreign Affairs, Shandong Vocational College of Foreign Trade, Jining College, Shandong Vocational College of Technology, Jining Technician College, Jining Vocational and Technical College, Zaozhuang Vocational College of Science and Technology and other universities reached a school-enterprise cooperation alliance and established China Coal Champion Famous class or order class, established practical teaching base and e-commerce training base, strengthened the cooperation between the group and universities in personnel training and scientific research and development, and cultivated a group of high-quality and high-skilled innovative leading talents, while serving the society It also laid a solid talent foundation for the group's global development strategy, and achieved a win-win situation for the development of universities and enterprises!

As the vice chairman unit of Jining Technical Education Group, China Coal Group actively cooperated with Jining Technical Education Group and Jining Technician College to jointly carry out school-enterprise cooperation, new enterprise apprenticeship training, and jointly established a training base and signed the "China Coal School-enterprise cooperation agreements such as titled classes, new apprenticeship system, etc., in line with the principles of “complementary advantages, resource sharing, mutual benefit and common development”, the two parties will jointly build internship and training bases, and graduate internships and employment bases. The joint construction of a "dual-teacher" structure team and a high-skilled talent training model have realized a new type of skilled talent training model that enrolls students when recruiting, enters schools when entering enterprises, and jointly trains enterprises and schools with double teachers.

The editor-in-chief of China Labor and Social Security News, Sun Xingwei, spoke highly of our group's diversified development achievements, and fully affirmed our group's achievements in school-enterprise cooperation and high-skilled personnel training. He said that Jining Technical Education Group is a new exploration of deepening the integration of production and education and promoting the in-depth participation of enterprises in the collaborative education model. The education group’s new model of integration of industry and education has been publicized to better promote the realization of a win-win pattern of enterprise-school linkage education!

Chairman Qu expressed his gratitude to Editor-in-Chief Sun and Secretary He for their full recognition of China Coal Group's achievements in the integration of production and education. As a member unit of the China School-Enterprise Cooperation Alliance, Shandong Province Industry-Education Integration (School-Enterprise Cooperation) Demonstration Unit, Jining City As the vice chairman unit of the Technical Education Group, our group will strengthen the in-depth cooperation with Jining Technical Education Group and more colleges and universities. Through complementary advantages and resource sharing, we will contribute to deepening the integration of production and education and promoting the high-quality development of vocational education!


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