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Warm Congratulations On China Coal Group'S Big Data Platform Being Selected As The Shandong Big Data Recommendation List

Date: 23/03/2020   View: 186   Tags: Industrial Internet Big Data

In order to actively play the role of big data in epidemic prevention and control, scientifically use big data to help win the fight against epidemic prevention and control. Recently, the Shandong Province Big Data Bureau released the third batch of epidemic prevention and control internet platform product lists. The "Industrial Internet Epidemic Prevention and Control Big Data Platform" was successfully selected.

The "Industrial Internet Epidemic Prevention and Control Big Data Platform" is based on the Industrial Internet Eminec Cloud Platform, which provides a full range of resources for the supply, procurement, integration, sharing, payment, and logistics of mining machinery and equipment manufacturers. , Information and sales one-stop service. During the epidemic, China Coal Group made full use of the advantages of the Industrial Internet platform in integrating the supply chain and logistics resources, and launched the Industrial Internet epidemic monitoring big data platform through secondary development to help enterprises and institutions quickly build epidemic prevention and control monitoring centers in a timely manner Provide control, prevention and control of epidemic situation, and provide digital products and technical support for winning the epidemic prevention and control sniper war. At the same time, the platform can also provide services such as epidemic data monitoring, analysis, display and early warning, to achieve integrated epidemic management and control on large screens, PCs, and mobile terminals.

At present, the industrial Internet platform has become a driving force for innovation and development of enterprises. As a key enterprise in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Shandong Industrial Internet, and big data, China Coal Group has played an active role in this epidemic battle. Enterprises have set an example and made due contributions to reduce the adverse impact of the epidemic situation, help enterprises resume work and resume production, and ensure the smooth operation of the city's economy!

The "Industrial Internet Epidemic Prevention and Control Big Data Platform" was selected into the recommended list of Shandong Province's Big Data Bureau's Epidemic Prevention and Control Platform, which is a high degree for our group to play an important role in epidemic prevention and control through industrial Internet, 5G, big data and other information technologies. Sure, it is also a full recognition of our group's big data platform product technology research and development capabilities. In the next step, our group will continue to intensify software product innovation, deepen software product quality management, give full play to the technological and product advantages of industrial Internet companies, and make efforts to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control and help enterprises to resume work in an orderly and safe manner. More positive contributions!

Warm Congratulations China Coal Group

Warm Congratulations China Coal Group


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