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Environmental Monitoring Industry Stands Out And Maintains Strong Development Momentum

Date:24/02/2020   View: 748   Tags: Environmental Monitoring Industry Stands Development Momentum
The industry predicts that increasingly stringent environmental protection standards will catalyze the rapid release of demand for environmental monitoring equipment from point to surface, and the market size will exceed at least 100 billion yuan in the next three years.
In 2018, under the overall unfavorable environment where the average net profit growth rate of the environmental protection industry was negative, environmental monitoring stood out and maintained a strong development momentum. Among the related stocks that have disclosed the performance forecast for 2018, industry leaders such as Juguang Technology, Xianhe Environmental Protection, Science and Technology, Environmental Testing, and China Testing have all delivered bright transcripts, and profits have grown significantly.

Thanks to the promotion of environmental policies, the elements of environmental monitoring have expanded from the atmosphere to water quality, the monitoring field has been expanding, and the monitoring industry has become a beneficiary.

The rising temperature of the monitoring industry benefits from the emphasis on air and water quality monitoring, and the compound growth rate in the next five years is about 20%

Some people in the industry said that environmental monitoring is an important basis for environmental management and scientific decision-making, and an important basis for evaluating the effectiveness of governments at all levels to improve environmental quality and control environmental pollution. In the context of the severe ecological environment, the status of many people and units has changed.

"Eco-environmental protection supervisors are getting more and more busy, technicians are getting more and more attention, polluting companies are getting more and more nervous, and various types of environmental protection engineering companies are getting more and more, but the real monitoring industry is making money." It said that unlike the engineering industry, the environmental monitoring industry has higher overall flexibility, shorter business chains, lower transaction costs, and higher barriers to entry; it enjoys policy dividends and avoids severe vicious competition caused by low thresholds.

The analysis from the Environmental Monitoring Instrument Professional Committee of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association believes that the environmental monitoring industry continues to heat up in 2018, on the one hand, due to the high emphasis on air environment monitoring and treatment, and continues to tighten relevant policies for various types of air pollution sources and air particulate matter. To improve emission control standards, refine monitoring and deployment plans, and improve the environmental monitoring system, the demand for air stations at monitoring stations at all levels is relatively strong.

On the other hand, with the emphasis on environmental protection, water quality monitoring has developed rapidly in recent years, especially under the policy background that promotes the development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt. The traditional “end-of-line treatment” model represented by sewage treatment or river course management is moving towards “ The promotion of “wide river basin governance” and the operation of the integrated ecological unit in the whole river basin has formed a huge market in the online monitoring of water ecosystems and the early warning of water pollution.

According to forecasts, benefiting from environmental protection policies and other favors, the environmental monitoring industry will continue to develop by leaps and bounds, and is expected to achieve a market size of 90 billion to 100 billion yuan by 2020, with a five-year compound growth rate of about 20%.

Where is the market hot spot in the future?

The construction of modern ecological network system will become a new hot spot, and the equipment will develop towards automation, intelligence and networking.

According to statistics from the Environmental Monitoring Instrument Professional Committee of the China Environmental Protection Industry Association, in 2018, the fixed pollution source monitoring market has stabilized, and the original monitoring equipment has entered a replacement period. Benefiting from factors such as product upgrades and technological upgrades, traditional fixed pollution source monitoring products Demand has risen.

In particular, in August 2017, the former Ministry of Environmental Protection issued the “Notice on Accelerating the Automatic Monitoring Work of Key Sewage Units in Key Industries and Key Areas”, requiring all sewage treatment plants and enterprises in the total phosphorus and total nitrogen industries to install automatic monitoring of total nitrogen and total phosphorus. Equipment, driving the market demand for total phosphorus and nitrogen monitoring rose. At the same time, as the construction and reconstruction of flue gas treatment facilities in thermal power plants are basically completed, the market demand for ultra-low smoke and smoke monitoring equipment has become saturated.

Therefore, how to grasp the future incremental market space has become an urgent problem for the industry. The State Council clearly requires that by 2020, the ecological environment monitoring network will basically achieve full coverage of environmental quality, key pollution sources, and ecological status monitoring.

People in the industry judge that the construction of modern ecological network systems will become a new hot spot in the future, and comprehensively develop the construction of groundwater monitoring, marine monitoring, rural monitoring, and greenhouse gas monitoring networks; realize unified networking of automatic detection data for atmospheric and water environments, atmospheric stations, satellite remote sensing, etc. Characteristic monitoring data is networked to build a unified ecological environment monitoring big data management platform.

From the development trend of monitoring equipment in 2018, based on lower prices, easy maintenance, stable operation, and adaptability to harsh environments, it has developed toward automation, intelligence, and networking. For example, in the smart environment field, government demand continues to increase, and grid monitoring and micro station market demand is strong. The elements of environmental monitoring have expanded from atmospheric to water quality, and the monitoring field has been continuously expanded. The monitoring network has evolved from the traditional "three wastes" monitoring to a comprehensive monitoring network covering various provinces and regions, covering multiple fields and multiple elements.


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