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What Can The Industrial Internet Do When The Battle For The Epidemic Begins?

Date: 22/02/2020   View: 523   Tags: Industrial Internet Epidemic Begins
The sudden outbreak of the new pneumonia has slowed down the process of intelligent digital transformation of the industrial manufacturing industry, and it seems that most countries in China have been pressed the "pause button". City closures, traffic control, factory shutdowns, store closures, and postponed resumption of work. There is no doubt that various industries have been affected to varying degrees because of the epidemic, especially for some small and medium enterprises and B2B enterprises. The industrial Internet is the key to the intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprises. The purpose is to help enterprises reduce costs and improve quality. So what can the Industrial Internet do in this pneumonia epidemic? What impact will it have on traditional manufacturing? ?

The epidemic is raging, what is the status of the industrial manufacturing industry? On January 23, Wuhan closed the city, and national medical emergency support was provided to Wuhan. The severe situation led to the introduction of strict epidemic prevention measures throughout the country, postponed resumption of work, and industrial production enterprises basically stopped work. The epidemic has spread. But while the epidemic is raging, China's manufacturing industry is also facing a big test. Delays in resumption of work affect production, logistics and transportation affect shipments, and difficulties in supplying raw materials.

Experts generally believe that market entities that have been severely affected by the epidemic are facing greater pressures for survival, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing and service companies, which deserve special attention. In response to the possible impact of the development of the epidemic on the manufacturing industry, Wang Peng, deputy director of the China Electronics and Information Industry Development Institute, made three suggestions:

First, under the premise of ensuring safety and meeting the requirements for epidemic prevention, orderly organize conditions and areas to resume work as soon as possible, and some areas with higher levels of automation and less epidemic conditions should make great efforts to promote the return of enterprises and do everything possible to protect the labor force. And raw material supply.

Second, we must pay special attention to the difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises, especially small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. Their capital reserves and other anti-risk capabilities are relatively low, and we must support financial, fiscal, and other aspects at the policy level.
Third, the macro policy should also take appropriate measures according to the impact of the epidemic situation. For example, the monetary policy should appropriately increase the liquidity investment, so that enterprises have a loose financing environment after resumption of work. At the same time, with regard to the shortcomings of infrastructure, livelihood facilities and material reserves exposed by epidemic prevention measures, we must now start corresponding plans, increase investment, make up for losses caused by the epidemic through investment, and rationally stimulate the economy. So as to create space for market demand for manufacturing enterprises.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is also launching a questionnaire on the impact of the new pneumonia epidemic on SMEs. At the same time, Beijing, Suzhou, Qingdao, Ningbo, Fuzhou, Chongqing and more than a dozen prefectures and cities have issued relevant policy opinions and measures to help SMEs to spend time during the epidemic prevention and control Difficult.


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