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Warm Welcome Jining City Political & Legal System Leadership Visit To China Coal Group

Date: 06/09/2019   View: 93   Tags: Political & Legal Leadership Visit
In order to implement the decision-making arrangements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the provinces and municipalities on optimizing the business environment, and continuously optimize and enhance the business environment of the city, on the morning of September 6, Jining City Intermediate People's Court Full Time Judicial Committee Member Wang Yonghong, Municipal Party Committee Politics And Law Committee Comprehensive Supervision Division Section Chief Zhao Hong, Municipal Public Security Bureau Economic Crime Investigation Detachment Director Wang Haiyan, High-tech Zone Procuratorate Principal Zhang Chao, Shandong Minqiao Law Firm Lawyer Zhang Wei leaders and other delegations visited China Coal Group to investigate and understand the difficulties in the development of the company, optimize the business environment and help the company develop. China Coal Group General Manager Han Yong, Standing Deputy General Manager Fan Peigong, Group Party Committee Vice Secretary Guan Chenghui wait for the leadership to accompany the reception.
Warm Welcome Jining City Political & Legal System Leadership Visit To China Coal Group
The visiting leaders visited the China Coal Group's Intelligent Manufacturing Achievements Exhibition Hall to learn more about China Coal Group's outstanding achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing. As a national contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise, a designated production unit for national coal mine special equipment and accessories products, a top 10 Chinese operating equipment enterprise, an excellent enterprise of China's machinery industry, a prominent industrial contribution enterprise of Shandong Province, a demonstration enterprise of Shandong's two-industry integration innovation, Shandong The province's "one enterprise, one technology" innovative enterprise, China Coal Group strictly controls product quality, strives to improve product quality and safety level, and actively carries out product safety certification work. It has successively obtained 130 national product patents, and more than 100 products have passed national mining products. Safety certification, more than 160 products have obtained the product inspection report issued by the provincial and municipal technical supervision bureaus, which fully proves the comprehensive strength of China Coal Group in the research and development of intelligent manufacturing products.
Warm Welcome Jining City Political & Legal System Leadership Visit To China Coal Group Warm Welcome Jining City Political & Legal System Leadership Visit To China Coal Group
Accompanied by General Manager Han, the leaders of the Municipal Law Committee visited the technology company of China Coal Group to learn more about the company's technical strength in the field of software R&D. The company has introduced high-end software development engineers from Beijing, providing one-stop services for software development, information release, data collection, resource integration, analysis and software outsourcing for government, enterprises and global industries. It has developed hundreds of B2B and B2C large-scale e-commerce. The platform has developed a variety of software for cloud application services. At present, the company has more than 100 national computer software copyrights and more than 100,000 service customers nationwide, which has established a good reputation and reputation in the society.
Warm Welcome Jining City Political & Legal System Leadership Visit To China Coal Group Warm Welcome Jining City Political & Legal System Leadership Visit To China Coal Group
Subsequently, the leaders of the Municipal Law Committee visited the group e-commerce company and cross-border e-commerce company. At present, our group has 36 e-commerce teams of professional companies. The products we produce and sell cover 34 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. The products are exported to 153 countries and regions around the world, and the Chinese coal brand has been launched in the world.

At the symposium, General Manager Han introduced the positive efforts made by our group in improving the management system and preventing legal risks, and won the praise of many leaders. The visiting leaders inquired in detail about the construction and operation of the Group and the future development direction, as well as the legal needs, difficulties and needs of the company in the development process, and how to better play the functions and services of the political and legal organs in the next step. The development of the private economy has been communicated. Through exchanges and discussions, the visiting leaders put forward relevant suggestions on how to prevent legal risks in the next step of the Group. Wang Yonghong, a member of the full-time trial committee of the Intermediate People's Court of Jining City, said that the political and legal system will strengthen contact with enterprises, effectively solve the legal needs and difficulties encountered by enterprises in development, fully support the long-term development of enterprises, and create a favorable environment for the development of enterprises. The city's private economy development is escorting.
Warm Welcome Jining City Political & Legal System Leadership Visit To China Coal Group
General Manager Han said that he is very grateful to the leaders of the political and legal system for their strong support for the development of China Coal Group. This seminar is of great significance for the Group to better improve its management system, prevent legal risks, protect intellectual property rights and improve risk prevention capabilities. In the next step, our group will strengthen communication and exchanges with the political and legal departments, continuously improve management capabilities, management level, expand international horizons, enhance innovation capabilities and core competitiveness, and make more positive contributions to promote the high-quality development of the city's private economy!


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