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Artificial Intelligence Accelerates The Market To Erupt

Date:08/04/2019   View: 939   Tags: Artificial Intelligence Market
With the continuous development of artificial intelligence and IoT technology, as an intelligent hardware, service robot products will intelligently transform traditional devices by deepening integration with software, and continuously realize more powerful functions and richer applications. Scenario; As the information exchange hub in the IoT ecosystem, the service robot will also provide any local and local information input to other connected devices through the Internet and the cloud, and further replace the user to control other connected devices through artificial intelligence technology. Users provide intelligent services, and the market prospect is very broad.

       The consumer market distribution of service robots is mainly concentrated in the economically developed Bohai Rim (26.1%) and the Yangtze River Delta (27.8%), the Pearl River Delta region (33.7%), and the central region (10.1%). ) and the western region (2.3%) is less used.

       The service robot is closer to the consumer end, and the market space is very broad. Driven by the rigid factors such as the aging population and the sharp rise in labor costs, China's service robot industry faces great opportunities and development space.

       Special service robots are used in professional fields such as national defense, agriculture, logistics, medical care, and rescue. The end users are mainly enterprise customers;

       Home service robots, mainly used in home life, entertainment, escort, residential monitoring and other life-like application scenarios, the end users are mainly individual customers;

       Commercial service robots are mainly used in commercial applications such as banks, restaurants, stores, and large enterprises. The end users are mainly enterprise customers.

       Home service robots are one of the fastest growing areas in the service robotics industry. In 2018, the Family Service Robotics Show has a global market share of 35.4%.

       The consumption concept of Chinese residents is also undergoing subtle changes, which are manifested in the obvious increase in the demand for intelligent products such as service robots. At the same time, the fast-paced life brought about by the urbanization process leads to a reduction in household chores, The rigid demand of the robot also appears; and the technological advancement makes the intelligent degree of the service robot increase rapidly, which can better meet the demand pain point of the consumer home intelligence.

       In terms of technology, the advent of the mobile Internet era has enabled people to use the smart phone as a mobile terminal to realize remote control of smart hardware such as home service robots, significantly improving the user experience of intelligent products, and thus the home service robot industry. Development is closely linked to the Internet of Things and smart home life.


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