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Analysis of Standard Mining Scraper Mucking Loader

Date:21/01/2019   View: 906   Tags: mining excavator loader Scraper Mucking Loader Mucking Machine

Everyone knows that scrapers mucking loader can be used in mining&tunnels and caves, which is very convenient and has changed the defects of large machinery in this respect. But the safe operation of mucking loader is very important, because the space in tunnels and caves is relatively narrow, so we must pay attention to safety. Strict implementation of the operating code of the mucking machine can effectively improve the efficiency of the mining mucking loader, but also can effectively prevent the occurrence of major safety accidents.

Product Advantage
Mining mucking machine has the characteristics of small resistance to picking up goods, clean delivery, fast loading speed, low power, energy saving and electricity saving. It has successfully replaced most of the machinery as the priority choice of construction projects such as mine engineering and water conservancy engineering. It helps these projects greatly reduce construction costs, speed up construction and improve the quality of the project.

Mucking loader delivers goods by lifting the bucket up and down by the forearm, which reduces a lot of resistance. It has good maneuverability, can overcome large slope work, small turning radius, strong working ability, fast speed and unconditional restrictions, so as to improve its work efficiency. Mucking machine (mine picking machine) bucket arm can turn left and right, any corner can be picked up, can be cleaned up very well without leaving any dead corner. It has the characteristics of low power, energy saving and power saving, small resistance of picking goods, stable operation of electric and hydraulic systems, and greatly reduces the damage of components and the rate of mechanical accidents, thus improving the safety factor of construction operation.


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