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What Should Be Cautious When Using Mud Pump Water Hose

Date:06/02/2018   View: 447   Tags: Mud Pump Water Hose China Coal Group
Application of mud pump water tape: When using high-pressure water tape, the high-pressure water tape should be connected to the water pump that close to it, water-filled water tape should prevent twisting or sudden bending, at the same time should prevent the hose interface collision damage.
Mud pump dedicated hose connection: When laying the hose, to avoid the folder of sharp objects, When laying waterways through traffic lanes, it is best to do protective treatment, when through the road, should be appropriate to dig deep through from below, to avoid the water broken wheels and intermittent water supply.
Maintenance of mud pump water hose : After the water hose is used, it should be cleaned and carefully scrubbed to protect the adhesive layer. In order to clear the water on the hose, wash with warm water or soap, the frozen water, the first to be used to melt, and then wash and dry, no dry water tape should not be stored in storage.

Storage of water hose: water hose can not be placed on the outdoor for a long time, as far as possible away from heat, to prevent aging and corrosive and viscous material, the storage location should have appropriate temperature and good ventilation, when not in use water with a single layer should be rolled up, avoid mutual friction, if necessary, to exchange the fold.

what Should Be Cautious When Using Mud Pump Water Hose


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