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Warmly Congratulate 'ZHONG MEI' Trademark Successfully Registered In Indonesia

Date: 23/02/2017   View: 564   Tags: ZHONGME Trademark Indonesia

Recently, Shandong China Coal Group successfully registered "ZHONG MEI" trademark in Indonesia, marking our Group forward a step to the international market, and is another major breakthrough to achieve the globalization development of China Coal Group!
The registration of overseas trademarks not only protect Group's overseas trademark , and Group's intellectual property rights, but also enhances the Group's brand and international market visibility, providing important basic conditions for the Group to enter the international market. Over the years, China Coal Group adhere to the strategy of global development, high degree attended to build independent brand, has registered trademark in the EU, Russia, Britain, Singapore, Mongolia, Israel, the Philippines, Taiwan, Macao and other 37 countries and regions, and obtain use rights of trademark "ZHONG MEI" in the EU 28 member states, build famous brand in global!
The "ZHONG MEI" trademark successful registries in Indonesia, better open up the Southeast Asia's market for Group's products, will further rapid promote the cross-border e-commerce development of Group!

Warmly Congratulate the Warmly Congratulate the


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