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Product introduction

YT24 rock drill hand held rock drill can be used to digging dry or wet by horizontal holes,vertical holes or angling holes on medium-hard rock or hard rock. Widely used in mines,railway,irrigation and quarry to drill holes and for the second digging holes.

Applicable fields

operating principle

When the rock drill before starting, high pressure gas control valve by the body in order to handle the import air chamber, the disc type high-pressure air successively gas alternately to lead into the cylinder chamber before and after the push the piston back and forth for high-speed movement, the work of residual air is being exhausted from silencing cover.
  • 01

    The piston of blunt, return movement principle

    Gas channel through the control valve, air chamber into the handle body, after the ratchet pore channel, entered the ark of valve chamber, when the ark of valve and valve closed, the guide hole of gas through the valve sleeve into the cylinder cavity, after push the piston forward the impact. When the piston end face before over the vent, gas cylinder former cavity formed by piston compression air cushion, instant pressure subsequently heighten, former cavity compressed gas anti-popular character Cheng Kong after go back to the high-pressure air chamber, the piston to move forward at this moment, with air pressure is higher, forcing the valve plate forward trend, when after the end of piston over the vent cylinder gas cavity after discharge from the vent, the cavity pressure fell sharply, so the pressure chamber after push valve reach, instant valve and valve closing, cut off the cylinder cavity gas path, after moment, stroke piston impact drill rod end, began to return.
  • 02

    The rotary principle of drill rod

    Rotary drill is occurring in the process of the piston return. Piston and piston in a spiral mother big end, form an organic whole. Because of big end part of the spiral rod a non-return device, by ratchet and ratchet occlusion, spiral rods with spiral mother of tooth shape of tooth profile, only the spiral rod for clockwise rotation, therefore, cannot be reversed, in the process of the piston into the drill rod, because the role of helical gear, spiral rods make clockwise, only in the process of return, the role of non-return institutions make spiral rods cannot be reversed, and the piston at this time as a counterclockwise rotation, by rotating sleeve to drill, drill operation finish.
  • 03

    Flush the drill hole

    Rock dust in perforating process to avoid the harm to human body, the machine is equipped with the welcome waterway system. When drilling along the rock drill rod pump water, bottom of the hole of the rock dust and water mix mud, suitable drill rock hole outside eduction. The machine adopts gas water linkage, when to start the machine, gas from the air chamber guide hole of the handle body into the front end of the water injection valve, overcomes the spring pressure after water injection valve, the water injection valve backwards, open water, at this point, the water after the water until the rock hole bottom import drill rod and complete the purpose of washing powder dust exhausting.
  • 04

    Pneumatic back and thrust regulation

    Pneumatic back by pulling the trigger, changed the position of the directional control valve, make the inlet road for exhaust gas circuit, and the original exhaust gas circuit is replaced by inlet channel, under the action of pressure, pneumatic telescopic pipe can retract automatically. Pneumatic propulsion size is accomplished by pressure regulating valve, the valve in the end is equipped with two eccentric groove, and the eccentric direction is opposite, when clockwise pressure regulating valve, depends on the size of the discharge port to change the flow of gas, the increase in the number of gas into the gas legs, pressure increased gradually, pneumatic propulsion increase, leakage of residual air gradually reduce accordingly. Such as anticlockwise pressure regulating valve, it into a row of relations, on the other hand, intake reduce, increase exhaust, there is less air leg of propulsion.
Pictures are for reference only as different product batch & specs. Please contact sales for confirm.

Technical parameters

Weight(kg) 24 Air pressure(MPa) 0.63
Air consumption (L/s) not more than67 Suitable air-legs FT140B FT140BD
Bore Dia. (mm) 34-42 Eeight(kg) 15.6 13.9
Drilling depth(m) 5 Length(mm) 1687 1400
Shank(mm) 22X108 Feed length (mm) 1250 965

Accessories Show

42 Chisel Bit
Button Bit
Cross Bit
Tapered Rod
  • 42 Chisel Bit

    42 chisel bit teeth made of high quality 35 crmo steel, strength and hardness is higher than similar products. Large cold press molding, vacuum heat treatment technique made the 42 chisel bit has 40-45 degrees of hardness, surface oxidation. Pick alloy weld around the full harmony has wear-resisting layer, effectively protecting the metal head is not easy to fall off.
  • Button Bit

    Diameter at the scope of D38 - D65m, adaptable for drilling conditions, almost without being limited by the drilling machine and the properties of the rock mass, especially obvious in the high abrasive risistance fracture rock with high hardness.
  • Cross Bit

    Passivation drill bit using cycle is long, its life is about 5-6 times of the same diameter cutting head drill bit, is conducive to save auxiliary working hours, physical labor and speed project up.
  • Tapered Rod

    Head is conical, drill after with conical linked drill bit, usually used in drilling project such as reaming and other quarry, coal mine, subgrade construction areas. Taper hole angle normally is 7 °, internationally accepted 12 °, taper hole diameter is regular Ф 25, also can produce Ф 22 or other specifications according to your requirement.

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