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Railway Concrete Sleeper



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Railway sleeper is one of the mostly used railway supplies.

Now the material of sleeper is not just wood, rail sleeper is more scientific. Although the railway sleeper is monotonous and unobtrusive, it has a great effect. Railway sleepers not only support, maintain the position of rail, also transmitted the huge pressure from the rail passed to the ballast bed. Railway tie must have a certain flexibility and elasticity, not so hard not so soft. When the train passes, railway sleeper can be properly deformed to cushion the pressure, restore as much as possible after the train passing.

Railway sleeper
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Concrete sleeper
is also called
cement sleeper

Composed of concrete and steel bar, concrete sleeper has hard appearance,
long service life.


Concrete Sleeper

Product Classification
concerete sleeper

Concrete Sleeper can be divided into U-ring concrete sleeper and bolt pressure plate concrete sleeper according the installation method.

U-ring concrete sleeper has the advantages of convenient installation, just place the rail between the two concrete sleeper, mat rubber pad under it, and then use a sledgehammer smashing U ring to fasten rail. The cement sleeper bolts are pressed with T-bolts through the reserved holes under the sleepers to hold the pressure plate against the rail. One rail sleeper needs 4 sets of bolts, 4 pressure plates and 2 rubber plates, which are easy to maintain, can be reused.


Concrete Sleeper

Product Advantage
  • concerete sleeper

    Concrete sleepers need steam stripping molding at one time, smooth appearance, hard inside, and contains multiple rebar.

  • Concrete railway sleeper has extensive resources, uniform specifications, uniform elasticity, good insulation, high stability.

    concerete sleeper
  • concerete sleeper

    Prestressed concrete sleepers can save a lot of high quality steel, long service life, good orbital stability.


Concrete Sleeper

General Specifications
Item width(mm) Thickness (mm) Length (mm) Remarks
Concrete Sleeper 220 160 2500 Total 16 length specifications
Turnout sleepers (ordinary) 220 160 2600-4850(150mm) /
Turnout sleepers (standard) 240 160 2600-4800(200mm) Total 12 length specifications
Bridge sleepers 220 240,260,280,300 3000 /

Concrete Sleeper

Sleeper Spacing
railroad line

Sleeper spacing should be set basing on traffic, traffic speed and type of bed and other conditions. When the spacing is small, the forces exerted on the subgrade, track bed, rail and sleeper themselves are small, but if the spacing is too small, the construction cost will be increased and the tamping operation on the track bed will be affected. Sleeper spacing is generally 52 to 62 cm. China Railway generally displays the sleeper spacing indirectly by the number of sleepers laid per kilometer.


Concrete Sleeper

Safety Rules
  • Concrete Sleeper

    Road transportation of concrete sleeper should be with vehicle with fixed frame, transportation vehicle should be adapted to concrete sleepers' size, the number of loading layers not exceed 6, firmly lashing to prevent displacement occurred during transport.

  • Concrete Sleeper

    Rail transportaion of concrete sleeper should be loaded according to prpgram that approved by railway departments.

  • Concrete Sleeper

    When loading, stack two triangular wedges between each pile of railway concrete sleepers to prevent from collision and damage during transport.

  • concerete sleeper

    (1)Carrying a concrete sleeper needs 4 people , bridge sleeper, carrying switch sleeper and other sleepers should increase personnel.

  • Rail transportaion of concrete sleeper should be loaded according to prpgram that approved by railway

  • concerete sleeper

    (2) When carrying concrete sleeper, hanging should be firm, lifting should be smooth, placing should be consistent.

  • concerete sleeper

    Rail transportaion of concrete sleeper should be loaded according to prpgram that approved by railway departments.

  • concerete sleeper

    (3) Single person carrying wooden sleeper needs personnel to lift to ones shoulder. When reach the designated place, should first place one end of the wooden sleeper on the ground, erecte the wooden sleeper and then put down. Should not shrug shoulders to unload and avoid colliding with others.

  • concerete sleeper

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