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JD-4.0 Mining Dispatching Winder

Suitable for mine,car park of the well bottom,the middle laneway,suitable for excavation head diapatching mining car,suitable for mine ground,metallurgical mine construction site for auxiliary work on the ground.

Winch electrical equipment with the performance of explo-sion-proof,products must have a "mining product safety mark cer-tificate" within the validity period before it can be used in dustand gas mines.




Application And Environment

Pictures for reference just due to different model & batch,please contact our sales for confirm.
JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Major Usages

Dispatching Winch can be used for mine,parking lot of mine,intermediate roadway, mine car for transporting in mining area and driving-head dispatching mine car.It also can be applied to auxiliary handling work on the ground in metallurgical mine construction site.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch
JD-4 Dispatching Winch
JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Major Traits

The main components of Dispatching Winch: Motors, Drums, Planetary Gears, Brakes devices and Base

The reduction gears of braking belongs to two-speed planetary gears, Gear coupler is applied to connect motor shaft and high-speed rotating solar wheel axles and the internal support of winch is rolling bearings.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Operating Environment

(1)Ambient temperature being -10 ℃ ~ +40 ℃; Ambient humidity no more than 95% (+25 ℃); Altitude below 2000 meters.

(2)The methane, coal dust, hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide in the surrounding air no exceed the safety level stipulated in "Coal Mine Safety Regulations"

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Models and Definition

Pictures for reference just due to different model & batch,please contact our sales for confirm.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch: The Dispatching Winch whose maximum static tension of the outer wire rope can be up to 40KN

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Technical Performance

Pictures for reference just due to different model & batch,please contact our sales for confirm.
 Model specification JD-1 JD-1.6 JD-2.5 JD-4
Wire rope static tension KN 10 16 25 40
 Wire Rope speed (m/s) Min. 0.433 0.733 1.16 0.95
Max. 1.033 1.399 1.45 1.48
Average 0.733 1.066 1.31 1.22
 Wire Rope Size Wire Rope Dia.(mm) 12.5 15 18.5 21.5
Length(m) 400 400 500 850
 Drum Size mm Φ224×304 Φ310×400 Φ620×580 Φ580×600
 Total Reduction Ratio 41 32.5 42.24 32.75
 Dimension (mm) 1120×766×727 1435×1217×1255 1830×1794×1390 2200×1965×1425
 Weight (with motor)(kg) 542 1370 2500 3750
Explosion  motor Model YBJ-11.4 YBJ-25 YBJ-40 YBK-280M-6-
Power(KW) 11.4 25 40 55
Revolution(r/min) 1460 1465 1470 980
Voltage(V) 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660
Electrical equipment Explosion magnetic starter Qc83-80N Qc83-80N Qc83-80N BQZ-120N
Explosion control button LA81-3 LA81-3 LA81-3 LA81-3

Working Principle

Pictures for reference just due to different model & batch,please contact our sales for confirm.

The motor gear drives
a pair of pinion gears on the left
pinion carrier to rotate. Concerning
that the internal gear on the left end is fixed, therefore, along with the autoroatation,
asteroid gears have to orbit around
motor gear. At this time,
there are three conditionse:

Structure of JD-4 Dispatching Winch<

If the left brake has been released, the internal gear will be braked by the right brake. At this moment, the large planetary gear will revolve around the solar gear while autorotating, meantime, the large gear carrier is also driven to rotate.

The state of rest refers to the roller stopping rotating makes the heavy chant stays at a certain position when right brake is released and the roller is braked by the left brake.

Releasing both the left brake and right brake will lead heavy chant to fall down freely and the roller to reverse.devices should be alternately braked or released.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Main Structure

Pictures for reference just due to different model & batch,please contact our sales for confirm.

Components of Dispatching Winch:Motor, Reel device,left and right brackets, brakes and machine base

The winch structurally employs bipolar planetary gear to be rotated, which are arranged on both ends of the spindle respectively The spindle runs through the roller, The left end is supported by the left bracket and the right end is supported by the right bracket,he motor is fixed on the left bracket by flange.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

The Roller Of Dispatching Winch

There are three main functions of the reel device,the first one is winding the wire rope to tow and drop the heavy goods. The second one is slowing down the speed through planetary reduction gear of reel lumen.The third one is the brakes installed on the brake disc play a role in controlling the reel rotation or stalling. The entire reel lumen is compact and flexible. The distance from the edge of the drum to the outermost winding layer of the rope should not be less than 2.5 times of the diameter of the rope.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Base Of Dispatching Winch

Base is the welding structure and the winch base is welded by the steel. The motor bracket, bearing bracket are fixed with bolt one the both ends of the base. The different thickness of steel plate will be adopted according to different force.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch
JD-4 Dispatching Winch

The Brakes Of Dispatching Winch

Dispatching winch has two brakes with the same strucure, which is fixed above the base with brackets. Normally the left brake controls the rotation and stopping of the reel. and the right brake mounted on the other brake wheel acts as a clutch(Figure A).When the brake wheel is braked, the reel will enter the working state of pulling heavy objects. Left brake device also has the role of safety brake. When the winch power, overload, or other causes of current increases, the winch mounted magnetic starter current limiting thermal relay device will automatically cut off winch power resorce, the left brake device will be an emergency brake, which played To the purpose of safety brake. The material of brake is asbestos. Asbestos brake uses rivets to fasten to the brakes. When braking,the winch will be stopped by simply pulling the handle let the brake blet to tighly hold the reel or brake wheel.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

1、The friction performance of brak pad in barking device should meet the following requirements:
a.In the friction test, flame-burning and no flame-free combustion should not occur
and explosion should not be caused in the closed flameproof box.
b.In the friction test, the temperature of specimen and test disk surface
should not exceed 150 ℃.

2、Rivets should be made of copper or stainless steel materials, countersunk hole
depth should be 2-3mm。

3、Non-metallic materials used in the performance requirements should be consistent with MT113-1995 flame retardant anti-static provisions

In working condition

Strictly prohibited braking the left brake and right brake at the same time.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Assembly Requirements

1.The operating mechanism of winch should be flexible and reliable,easy to operate and safety.

2.Each seal parts of winch not have oil spills.

3.Winch operation should be smooth and no abnormal sound and vibration.

4.Before assembly, all parts (including purchased parts, standard parts) must be tested and qualified to be used.

5.The parts should be cleaned in a cleaning environment.

6.The maximum oil temperature during winch operation should not exceed 80 ℃.

7.The brake contact area of winch brake should not be less than 80%.

8.The parts are coated with phenolic primer,the body of machine should be painted according to the requirements of the contract, paint appearance is supposed to be smooth,complete without the defects of brush marks peeling, accumulation and blistering and so on. The adhesion of paint will be checked with grid and coating on the edge of the grid or incision at the cross is not allowed to be dislodged or part dislodged,the dislodged area should not be more than 15%.

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Electrical Schematic Diagram

JD-4 Dispatching Winch

Installment And Test Operation

Pictures for reference just due to different model & batch,please contact our sales for confirm.
Dispatching Winch

Preparation Before Installation

Before installaltion, the situation of installation site ought to be checked firstly, which should be smooth,spacious,and easy to operate and observe.

The Installment Of Dispatching Winch

The reel should be centered on the pulley or hook,this centerline is intended to be perpendicular to the winch axis.

When the using place of winch usually change, fix the winch on a wooden board or channel, Anchor fixed again,long-term fixed-point using winch can be installed on the concrete foundation. Winch installation must be stable and reliable,the base should not have significant vibration during normal operation of the winch.

Video Appreciation

Pictures for reference just due to different model & batch,please contact our sales for confirm.

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