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YN27C Gasoline Internal Combustion Rock Drill



YN27C Internal Combustion Rock Drill

YN27C Internal Combustion Rock Drill is a hand-operated rock-drilling tool, composed of a gasoline engine, an air compressor and rock drill.

YN27C Internal Combustion Rock Drill YN27C Internal Combustion Rock Drill
YN27C Internal Combustion Rock Drill

Its outstanding characteristic is that the stated functions can be realized by changing the hand handle according to the requirements without changing the inner parts of the machine head.

The Internal Combustion Rock Drill Type YN 27C has functions of drilling holes, cleavage, bruising, tamping and chiseling.Available for drilling, splitting breaking, ramming, shovelling.

Needless to replace the internals of the ingine head, just handle the handle to operate it.

Easy to operate. More timesaving and effortless. Drilling faster and more efficient.

Have reached the Tip-top level of the same field now.

Allowed to be replaced with the same kind of the domestic products.

Widely used in mining, road-construction, quarrying and national defense construction, etc

Working Process

Pictures are for reference only as different product batch & specs.Please contact sales for confirm.

YN27C Parameters

Model YN27C
Weight 27kg
Overall Dimension 746*315*229mm
Engine single cylinder, air cooled two strokes
Cylinder Diameter*Stroke Piston 58*70mm
Rotating Speed of Engine more than 2450r/min
displacement of engine 185cm^3
Carburetor hand needle valve, no floating type
Ignition System controllable silicon contactless system
Drilling Speed more than 2450r/min
Max Drilling Depth more than 250mm/min
Fuel Consumption 01.2L/min
Tank Capacity more than 1:14L
Gasoline-Lubrication Oil Mixing Ratio 12:01
End of Drill Rod Dimensions hexagonal 22*108mm
Rotating Speed of Drill Rod more than 200r/min
Clearance of Spark Plug 0.5-0.7mm

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