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TPJ-2.0 Running Track Rubber Paving Machine

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Quality Assurance
  • Rubber Paver Machine
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  • Rubber Paver Machine
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  • Rubber Paver Machine
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Rubber Paver Machine

Product advantages

Rubber Paver Machine

Advanced design concept Rubber Paver Machinery for running way is the paving equipment of synthetic running track with high technical contained
manufactured by our company .
Rubber Paver Machine

Rubber Paver Machine

Rubber Paver Machine for Running Way/ runway In Proper Price and
Reasonable Quality is a technology with higher levels of plastic track
laying machine,


Rubber Paver Machine

High efficiency and low consumption Rubber Paver Machine is assembled the advanced the technology of Simens frequency conversion stepless speed regulation and
the hydraulic gear , enhance the automaticity of paving .
Rubber Paver Machine

Rubber Paver Machine

Wide range of applications Rubber Paver Machine is used for laying and laying the bottom layer of plastic playgrounds, such as runways, rubber playgrounds, etc.
Rubber Paver Machine

Rubber Paver Machine

Product Structure

1. Used for spreading, paving the bottom layer of plastic stadiums, like running track, rubberized
playgrounds etc.

2. Framework: with a firm and stable welded H-type structure, and a rust-proof paint layer, it may
accommodate any poor condition in the construction site.

3. Front scratch board: welded joint structure, the ground clearance is manually
adjustable through a screw, which control the thickness of the floor layer. The width
may be adjusted through a limiting board.

4. Driving device: the main driving system is a motor-driven caterpillar chain, with the speed smoothly
controlled by a frequency converter, which is feature as stably and precisely moving ahead or back in an
motion. It may be equipped with different caterpillar belt for different bottoms.

5. Walking Mechanism: the spreading machine may be manually moved or relocated through a walking
mechanism consisting of advanced ratchet lever system and lift.

6. Screed: The screed has four functions, viz. the adjustment of height, angle, temperature, and vibration. The plastic
cement material is vibrated, compacted and paves while passing through the screed.

Rubber Paver Machine

Product parameter
Name Paver machine
Model TPJ-2.5 TPJ-2.0 TPJ-1.5
Actual Width 2800mm 2300mm 1800mm
Paving Width 2500mm 2000mm 1500mm
Moving Speed 0.8-6m/min 0.8-6m/min 0.8-6m/min
Paving Capability 500 sq.m./h 400 sq.m./h 300 sq.m./h
Power 8kw 8kw 8kw
Temperature adjustment for electric heating board 90-120 centigrade 90-120 centigrade 90-120 centigrade
Machine Weight 850kg 700kg 600kg
Dimension 3000*1800*720mm 2500*1700*720mm 2000*1700*720mm
Packing Style Wooden case Wooden case Wooden case
Rubber Paver Machine
Customer's Common Witness
China Coal Group Industry Model

Shandong China Coal Industrial&Mining Supplies Group Co.,Ltd (abbreviated as China Coal Group) was founded in the 1990s, with more than and 1,100 employees. It now has 36 professional companies, 3 Hong Kong companies, 1 UK Cayman company and 1 US company. China Coal Group is a key enterprise of fostering and support by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Commerce, National Development and Reform Commission, and Shandong Province and Jining City. Which is a collection of e-commerce, machinery manufacturing, software, research and development, modern logistics of large diversified industrial group.

Rubber Paver Machine Rubber Paver Machine
Rubber Paver Machine Rubber Paver Machine Rubber Paver Machine
Rubber Paver Machine Rubber Paver Machine Rubber Paver Machine

China Coal Group constantly explores excellence in its design, does not cherish costs on
processing, and uses adequate material and strict quality control.

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