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Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator

It has the advantages of high stability, high reliability, simple structure and convenient disassembly and maintenance
  • Protection against harmful gases
  • Protection against smoke
  • Isolation particles
  • Isolation of hypoxia
Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator Product introduction

Escort for your safety

Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator It can be used in harsh toxic and harmful gas or oxygen deficient dangerous environment.

Stable gas supply and timely supply

Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator In the case of isolation from the outside world, it can ensure that the oxygen supply is completely matched with the human lung capacity. It has the characteristics of unobstructed circulation, stable and sufficient air supply, timely tracking and replenishment, and comfortable wearing.

  • The output pressure of the pressure reducer is stable to achieve rapid pressure reduction
  • When the pressure in the bottle is lower than about 5MPa, it will automatically alarm
  • Pressure gauge design combined with a new front alarm system to check the remaining air in the cylinder at any time
Stable and reliable

Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator The advantages of small breathing resistance, small weight and volume, long protection time, high stability and reliability, simple structure, and very convenient disassembly and maintenance have been universally recognized.

Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator

Enhance fire protection awareness and amaintain fire safety

Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator

product details

Those invisible dangers Don't let your body be a filter

Chemical production

Gas pollution

Underground work

Fire rescue

Fire rescue, oil and gas, chemical production, mining, metallurgy, epidemic prevention, agricultural production, light industry manufacturing, electric power, shipping and other industries may be exposed to a large amount of poisonous gas, smoke, dust, steam, hypoxia, toxic Particulate matter, if breathing protection is not done, your health will be seriously damaged, endangering your life.

Enjoy fresh air outside of harmful gases

Your breathing safety is only the distance of a Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator

Protection against harmful gases

Isolation particles

Protection against smoke

Isolation of hypoxia

01 Back-mounted system, convenient and safe

Designed in accordance with ergonomic principles: the structure (small size) and weight (8kg of the whole machine) are improved to ensure the freedom of movement and reduce the physical burden. The cushion belt ensures the safety of the respirator during transportation and use. Can be quickly put on and off.

02 Mouth and nose, wide field mask

Food-grade silicone mouth and nose mask, the same material as the baby pacifier, comfortable and anti-allergic, non-toxic and safer The large field of vision mask has bright transparency, strong wear resistance and anti-fog function.

03 Good sealing performance

Reliable gas cylinder valve and pressure reducer connection system, pressure reducer overpressure relief system; pipelines are connected by quick couplings, with good sealing performance and easy disassembly and assembly; streamlined carbon dioxide filtration system makes CO2 in exhalation Absorb more fully. Because the air pressure in the breathing circuit is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure, the user is effectively protected from the intrusion of toxic and harmful gases from the outside.

Mining Positive Pressure
Oxygen Respirator
Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator

Product parameter

model HYZ2(C) HYZ4(C)
Rated protection time (medium) 2h ≥4h
Gas volume of oxygen under standard conditions 320L 480L
Respiratory volume 30L/min(Severe 50L/min) 30L/min
Quantitative oxygen supply ≥1.6L/min ≥1.6L/min±0.2L/min
Automatic supply of oxygen 80-100L/min ≥100L/min
Dimensions mm 520×350×160 510×370×170
Net weight (Excluding calcium hydroxide, oxygen, blue ice) 9.5Kg 9.5Kg
Mining Positive Pressure Oxygen Respirator

Company strength

Company overview

Shandong China Coal Industrial & Mining Supplies Group Co.,Ltd

Reputation is life, quality for survival

In recent years, China coal group to become internationally competitive information service industry, large-scale intelligent equipment manufacturing group, high and new technology industrial group and diversified logistics group of vision, in line with the responsible for the country, socially responsible, responsible for the customer, to the staff responsible for corporate responsibility, solid groundwork, wholeheartedly seeks the development, economic and social benefit are realized. The group successfully passed ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification,

the United States to ANAB quality management system certification, the British UKAS quality management system certification, the international authoritative certification body SGS certification (China) manufacturing, alibaba GIS field certification, has gained more than 70 coal mine product country MA security certification and product inspection certificate of quality issued by the shandong province pledges inspect bureau, and successfully registered the trademark, the trademark trademarks, Russia and the Middle East trademark and China coal issued by the state trademark office trademark, Israel and the European Union, Russia, Britain, Indonesia coal trademark rights and domestic coal pinyin trademark rights.

Reputation is life, quality for survival

"Credibility is life, quality for survival." This is the principle of all the staff of China coal group, but also for the goal. Concentration and strength casting enterprise soul, innovation and development spectrum chapter. In the face of new historical opportunities and challenges, China coal group people full of confidence, responsibility and ability to create better and better products for new and old customers at home and abroad, to provide first-class service.

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