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Cement Sleeper

It is not afraid of water, sunlight, corrosion, etc. Uniform elasticity and good insulation




Railway Cement Sleeper

product description
Good quality and stable structure Not afraid of water Not afraid of sun Not afraid of corrosion

Cement sleepers are composed of cement, sand, stones, and high-strength rebar. They are not afraid of water, sun, or corrosion.It also has the advantages of strong stability, long use time, good insulation, and low maintenance cost.

Protect the rail position and gauge Strong stability Good insulation Strong cushioning

The cement sleeper is the support of the rail. In addition to bearing the pressure from the rail and transmitting it to the track bed, it also plays a role in protecting the position and gauge of the rail.

Cement Sleeper

When the train passes, it can be deformed appropriately
to cushion the pressure, but after the train passes, it
must be restored as much as possible.

Railway Cement Sleeper

Product advantages

One-shot molding

Cement sleepers need to be steam demolded for one-time molding, with smooth appearance, hard inside, and containing multiple rebars.

  • cement
  • sand
  • Stone
  • High-strength rebar

Wide range of materials

Cement pillows have a wide range of wood sources, the same specifications, uniform elasticity, good insulation, high stability, are not affected by external conditions such as weather and temperature, and have a long service life without decay.


Meet the demand for large volumes

Prestressed concrete sleepers can not only save a lot of high-quality steel, but also have long service life, good track stability, and can meet the requirements of high speed and large transportation volume.

Railway Cement Sleeper


service life

Hard and

Good track

Railway Cement Sleeper

Precautions for use

Carrying and transporting sleepers should comply with safety regulations

1 Vehicles with fixed frames should be used for road sleeper transportation. The transport vehicle should be suitable for the size of the sleeper. The number of loading layers should not exceed 6 layers. After loading, it should be tied firmly to prevent displacement during transportation.

2 Sleeper railway transportation should be loaded in accordance with the loading plan approved by the railway department.

3 When loading the car, put two triangular wedges between each stack of sleepers to prevent collision and damage during the transportation of sleepers.

Railway Cement Sleeper

Precautions for use

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