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Pneumatic injection pump uses compressed air as the power source,cylinder has a larger ratio of work area, so that a smaller pressure cylinder can produce high injection pressure.



Pneumatic Injection Pump

Product Details

Pneumatic Injection Pump Product Details

Pneumatic injection pump is mainly used for grouting condensation project mine of grouting water blocking memory broken rock in mine, subways, tunnels, water conservancy, buildings, etc., can also be used for pre-grouting in mine adapted working face. Have the advantages of pneumatic drive, small size, light weight, stepless, Can automatically adjust pressure.

The Pneumatic injection pump used in coal mines must be equipped with flame retardant antistatic rubber tube.

The Pneumatic injection pump uses pneumatic drive, adjustable electrodeless, can constant pressure and automatically adjusted, reliable, suitable for underground operations.

  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump

Can be used for flammable, explosive, strong magnetic, radiation, dust, temperature changes and watering places.

Pneumatic injection pump

The Model And Meaning Of Product

Pneumatic injection pump model and meaning

Mark Example:ZBQ-50/6
Maximum Displacement 50L/min,Maximum output pressure 6MPa.

Compact structure, placed directly on the ground level

Exit and entrance of pumps are used push-in connector

Pump power is compressed air, can change pressure gas flow for stepless speed regulation

Three piston pumps driven by air motor, piston area ratio of the motor and the three piston pumps is 28:1

Pictures For Reference Only Due To Different Product Batch & Specise. Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.

The pump is mainly composed of pipe racks, cylinders, pistons, end caps, connection boxes, hydraulic cylinders, inlet and outlet tanks, reversing valves and some auxiliary components.The pump is equipped with two types cylinder φ60mm, φ100mm and two φ100m sets,can replace the cylinder when grouting. When replacing, first release the four M12 nuts on the left end of the cylinder, remove the cylinder head and take off the cylinder. When φ60mm liquid cylinder is required, just remove the cover of the front and rear cylinder heads to install the φ60mm cylinder directly. When replacing, release the four M12 nuts on the left end of the cylinder first, remove the cylinder head and take off the cylinder. When you need φ60mm liquid cylinder, just take off the cover before and after the cylinder head can be directly installed φ60mm cylinder; 2 when φ100mm cylinder required, take off before and after the cylinder cover φ75mm sleeve, put φ100mm sleeve can be Install φ100mm cylinder.

  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump

Compressed air through the ball valve to gas filter, purified gas to pressure regulator, with a barometer between this, you can observe the intake pressure and determine whether the filter bowl of gas filter is blocked, can also determine if the work of pressure regulator is normal, the barometer indicates the gas pressure of output, the dial on cylinder rod dial travel valve, by the travel valve control directional valve, changing the direction of the gas, the cylinder piston to promote reciprocating motion, the cylinder exhaust emissions through the muffler to the atmosphere. Cylinder piston rod directly to promote the cylinder piston, through the into the plasma valve to complete the suction slurry work, the slurry through the mixer and grouting nozzle, was pressed into the borehole wall, diffuse into the cracks in the rock.

The Pressure regulator have the advantages of automatically adjusts the gas flow while keeping the output gas pressure constant, which constitutes the pump closed-loop automatic control, so that the discharge has the performance constant pressure automatic adjustment.

  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump

In the early stage of grouting, due to the large rock fracture and the small diffusion resistance of the slurry, the pump pressure is low. At this moment, the piston resistance of the cylinder is small and the pressure of the working gas is low. The regulating valve needs to maintain the pressure of its output gas and automatically increases the output gas flow, Therefore, the reciprocating pump speed up, displacement will be large. (When the slurry consumption more than the maximum displacement of the pump, the indicates pressure of grouting is lower than the set pressure).

Late grouting, rock fissures gradually filled, the diffusion resistance of the slurry increases, the pump pressure increased, at this time the exercise resistance of the cylinder piston and working gas pressure are increased. Pressure regulating valve will automatically reduce the output gas flow to maintain the output of gas pressure does not exceed the set value, so that the pump speed slowed down, reducing displacement. At this time, ample time of slurry diffusion to maintain the same grouting pressure, to protect the safety of construction. When the rock fissure is filled with slurry, the grouting volume reache zero, the pump can still maintain the final pressure unchanged. Therefore the density of grouting filling is good. The automatic adjustment performance of the pump is more timely and accurate than others, so the grouting time can be shortened, the grouting quality can be guaranteed, the grouting material can be saved, and the safe construction can be guaranteed.

  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump
  • Pneumatic injection pump

Cylinder is double-acting, the emissions ratio of front and rear chamber are 1: 0.7; 1: 0.8; 1: 0.9, adapt to the general cement ~ water glass double liquid grouting (generally double liquid ratio of 1: 0.6~1:1).

Gas cylinder, liquid cylinder, rod are heat treatment, coated with a layer of hard chrome and polished, rust and wear. All sealing parts are used "O" ring, easy disassembly, sealing and reliable. Mixer and grouting mouth united into one, the mixed slurry outlet fast, difficult to freeze in the pipeline blocking. Grouting mouth taped tight with water, easy assembly and disassembly.

<<< Basic parameters >>>

Parameter Of Pneumatic Injection Pump



Supply Pressure(MPa)




Maximum Pressure Of Slurry(MPa)




Maximum Discharge Flow(L/min)




Air Consumption(m3/min)





Level Of Sound Pressure




Level Of Sound Power




Operating Temperature(℃)


Slurry Mixing Ratio




Maximum Working Pressure(MPa)


Suitable Medium

Cement, Water Glass

Sauce Tank Diameter(mm)


Round Trips Frequency(times/min)




Adjust Air Pressure(MPa)


Ventilation Diameter





Bundle Tightly When Intake Hose And Pump Valve Connected, Avoid Hurting

Pneumatic Injection Pump

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