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Consists of cylinder- piston assembly, air distributing device, steel rotary mechanism, control valve and flushing-blowing mechanism.




Pneumatic Rock Drill Introduction

YT29A air leg rock drill is a kind of high efficiency air leg rock drill machine.

cylinder- piston assembly

air distributing device

steel rotary mechanism

control valve

Pictures are only for reference as different product batch & specs.
Please contact our sales staff for confirm.

  • YT29A air leg rock drill apply in hard rock on the rock drill operation, it has strong adaptability to the working conditions.

  • Combined with Model FY250 Oil reservoir and Model FT160A or FT160B Air-leg

  • Suitable for wet drilling under various of rocks at aclinic and incline orientation,it can also use in the trolley withoutAir-leg.

  • .The product is energy efficiency, Its components has long life and durable.

Pneumatic rock drill tips

  • 01

    Compressed air should be dry, air pressure should maintain 500kPa; Use clean soft water, in the last resort when using acid or alkaline water, inject some lubricating oil, turn off the water and no-load drill after the completion of the drilling process.

  • 02

    Clean and reload the new air drill before using it, no-load drill after reloaded to check if it is normal. But no-load drilling process should under 2-3 mins.

  • 03

    Clean pipe and routine maintenance and lubricate regularly make sure rock drill works in good condition.

  • 04

    Inlet compressed air befor water, and should stop lnleting water first. Water pressure should be lower than compressed air pressure to prevent water from reflowing into rock drill cylinder.

  • 05

    Adjust pressure valve when the steel rotary mechanism moving slowly, shutdown YT29A rock drill if steel rotary mechanism stop moving and invalid after reducing air-leg axial trust.

  • 06

    Wipe couplings clean and connect hydraulic hoses to an unpowered (not activated) hydraulic source.

  • 07

    Remove the tool steel. With a clean object, push the piston through the bushing to it's inner most position. Remove the object and using the grease nipple located in the nose assembly, lubricate the bushing

  • 08

    Failure to grease the nose assembly every 8 hours of operation will cause the drive system to stop rotating.

  • 09

    Clean off any accumulation of particles from beneath the trigger area. Spray with a light oil and wipe off excess.

  • 10

    Check that the drill bushing, latch, and roll pins are in good working order. If the shaft of a new drill can be turned more than 20º in the drill bushing, or if the drill collar is cracked, the drill bushing must be replaced.

  • 11

    During long-term storage, the striking piston must be protected against corrosion.

Pictures are only for reference as different product batch & specs.
Please contact our sales staff for confirm.

Weight 26.5 KG
Size 659*248*205mm
Air consumption ≤65L/S
Drilling Frequency ≥37HZ
Air pipe inner Dia. 25MM
Water pipe inner Dia. 13MM
Drilling Hole Dia. 34-45MM
Drilling Depth 5M
Shank Size 22*108mm/25×108±1mm
Air pressure 0.4- 0.63Mpa
FT160A Air leg:
Weight 17KG
Length 1668MM
Pushing stroke 1338MM
Cylinder diameter 65mm
FY250 Oil Reservior:
Weight 1.2KG
Oil capacity 250ML
FT160B Air leg
Length 1428mm
Weight 16kg
Pushing stroke 1098mm
Cylinder diameter 65mm

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