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Miner's Cap Lamp

LED mining light for miner underground 1.Superior Li-ion battery 2.High Power LED Light 3.IP66 Water-proof structure 4.MA,EX certifcate.




Miners Cap Lamp Introduction

The LED light is great for any type of hands-free work. It apply to flammable and explosive environment such as coal mine, chemical industry and suitable for industrial and agricultural production and outdoor mobile lighting such as hunting and camping. Small,Light weight,Easy to carry and energy efficient,Equipped with specially designed optical system,with primary and secondary pairs of light. When one light source is damaged, the other source can ensure the work in mine and safe evacuation.

Miners Cap Lamp

Miners Cap Lamp Parameters

Battery Rechargeable Lithium LED Light 1W High Power LED Number 6 Auxiliary LED Lights
Charge Intelligent Charge Management Illumination 300-3500 Lx Safety Explosionproof,Waterproof

Miners Cap Lamp Features

Safety:a sealed battery case,a short-circuit protection,explosion proof.

Reliability: Tough housing, optimized design, a solid LED light that uses high efficient IC drivers guarantee the product is durable and strong. The durable Li-ion battery has an over charge protection system to protect the battery from over charging.

Portability: Small in size, light in weight, ergonomically designed, maintenance free, simple charging, easy operation.

Environmental: The cap lamp is made from environmentally friendly Li-ion battery and other non hazardous materials. The KL5M is an environmentally friendly product as per RoHS Directive.

Miners Cap Lamp Feature

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