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Miner's Cap Lamp

product description
easy to use

The LED light is great for any type of hands-free work. Small,Light weight,Easy to carry and energy efficient,Equipped with specially designed optical system,with primary and secondary pairs of light. When one light source is damaged, the other source can ensure the work in mine and safe evacuation.

Miner's Cap Lamp front
Miner's Cap Lamp component
Miner's Cap Lamp flanks
Quality production
  • flame retardant
    flame retardant
  • anti-static
  • impact resistance
    impact resistance
  • Waterproof design
    Waterproof design
  • Easy to carry
    Easy to carry
Wide range of applications

Miner's Cap Lamp apply to flammable and explosive environment such as coal mine, chemical industry and suitable for industrial and agricultural production and outdoor mobile lighting such as hunting and camping.

  • coal mining industry
    coal mining industry
  • Safety protection for the head

    construction site
    construction site
  1. Car manufacturer
    Car manufacturer
  2. oil extraction
    oil extraction
  3. Decoration company
    Decoration company

Miner's Cap Lamp

Product display
01 Miner's Cap lamp with high luminous efficiency

Two sets of light sources, divided into main light and spare light, are replaced by a rotary switch. Beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, integrated product, no restraint, reduce the load of workers and improve work efficiency.

  • main light
  • spare light
  • Two sets of light sources
02 Miner's Cap Lamp has a long battery life

The miner's cap lamp adopts lithium manganate battery design, fully sealed structure design, no maintenance, long battery life, safe and reliable.

Miner's Cap Lamp battery
03 Miner's Cap lamp short circuit protection

The miner's cap lamp adopts modules with charging, discharging and short-circuit protection functions in the circuit design, which is safe to use.

Miner's Cap lamp
04 Various types available

The cap shell is made of imported plastic and has the advantages of insulation, high temperature resistance, impact resistance, heat insulation and corrosion resistance.

Miner's Cap
Miner's Cap Lamp component
Miner's Cap insulation

Miner's Cap Lamp

product details
Miner's Cap Lamp detail display

Miner's Cap Lamp liner is separated from the top of the cap to prevent direct damage to the head from the impact force,At the same time, the impact force is quickly dispersed.

The details show miner's cap lamp
Adjustable buckle lining permanent
Miner's Cap Lamp show
Attention to detail, excellent quality

The miner's lamp has good condensing property, fast heat dissipation, convenient use and more energy saving.

  • Miner's Lamp Cap Hanging
    Miner's Lamp Cap Hanging Fishing Design

    The headlight can be rotated 180 degrees, thickened and firm, and not easy to break. It can be used on a helmet or hung on the waist.

  • Removable threaded
    Removable threaded outer ring

    The lamp holder adopts a threaded outer ring, which increases friction and is convenient to use.

  • Aluminum alloy design
    Aluminum alloy reflector design

    The reflector lamp cup is made of all-aluminum, which is resistant to oxidation, has good light-convergence and fast heat dissipation.

Miner's Cap Lamp

Company Profile
i about us

Shandong China Coal Industrial & Mining Supplies Group Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as China Coal) is a group company, which is a collection of e-commerce, machinery manufacturing, software, research and development, modern logistics of large diversified industrial group. The group has 100 million yuan registered capital , with more than 1100 employees.

Shandong China Coal Group
CNC equipment
production workshop
Export to more than 160 countries and regions

China Coal also formed a overseas sales team, that covers English, French, German, Portugal, Italy, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and more than 10 language professionals to explore broader international markets on the Inter- net.China Coal is to establish long-term, broader economic and

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African businessmen
  • trade cooperation and strategic partnership with a number of large state-owned enterprises and customers, and won the unanimous approval of them.
  • Successful cases
  • Bolivian merchant
  • Argentine merchant
  • Moroccan merchant

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