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ND-4 Gasoline Tamping Machine



Gasoline Tamping Machine is a professional railway tool that suitable for ballast tamping work on railroad track ballast. This track tamping machine adapted gasoline as power, through centrifugal clutch, rubber shock absorber, draging vibrator to produce high frequency disturbing force, so make gravel under rail sleeper rearrange, in order to achieve ballast tamping purposes.
  • Gasoline Tamping Machine

    Innovative Design Compact Structure

  • Railway Tamping Machine

    Small Size Light Weight

  • Track Tamping Machine

    Strong Mobility Two Stage Shock Absorption

  • Gasoline Tamping Machine

    On Off Track Convenience

Parameter of Gasoline Tamping Machine
Tamping Dia 50mm
Vibrating Force 4000N
Frequency 158Hz
Weight 15kg
Overall Size 1020*350*250mm

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Working Principle of Gasoline Tamping Machine

Motive force generated by the engine,transmitted to the gear box by passive plate, after the gear deceleration
through rotation of crankshaft gear, drive connecting rod, pneumatic piston, gassing piston up and down movement to impacting pick rod, pick rod brazing objects on the high-frequency, high-energy impact, in order to achieve tamping task.

Professional Railway Ballast Tamping Tool

Internal combustion gasoline tamping tool directly working principle is different from the traditional work way of gasoline tamping machine -- flywheel -- crankshaft -- connecting rod -- pneumatic piston -- hammer -- pick rod. Internal combustion engine piston and pneumatic piston installed in the same cylinder, and its work principle is: internal combustion engine piston -- pneumatic piston -- impact hammer -- pick rod.

Application Of Gasoline Tamping Machine

Gasolien Tamping Machine is especially suitable for turnouts, tunnels, bridges, culverts and other sites where large and medium-sized road maintenance machinery can not operate.

Professional Hand Rail Track Ballast Tamper

Internal combustion engine piston and pneumatic piston installed in one cylinder, eliminating separate lubrication system of pneumatic piston
Note: Pneumatic piston requires a separate lubrication system, regular replenishment of lubricating oil

This rail track tamping machine uses two-stroke gasoline engine as driving force, eliminating the need for intake and exhaust valves and lubricating oil pumps in the structure to improve reliability.

Pictures For Reference Only Due To Different Product Batch & Specs. Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.

Maintenance of Gasolien Tamping Machine

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Portable Railroad Rail Tamping Tool
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    railway track

    To improve the start-up performance of two-stroke gasoline engine, also provide lubrication for components such as impact hammer,two-stroke oil discharge passage designed in the cylinder, passage directly connects hammer slide rail to lubricate heavy hammer. In order to make the oil smoothly flow into the hammer slide, oil passage in the cylinder should be expanded into a tapered shape to facilitate the smooth flow of oil into the oil passage driven by gas..

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    Filter paper of gasoline air filters do not need to be replaced frequently, oil-resistant fiber sleeve oil intrusion filter should be used, Free from replacement.

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    railroad track

    Internal combustion gasoline tamping machine is a reliable and effective tamping equipment with advantages of maintenance free and easy to use for busy railroad line.

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