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Metal Roof Beam





Metal Roof Beam is a widely used mining and tunneling roof support equipment. This Articulated Roof Beam is to form a metal bracket with various types of metal struts (single struts or friction struts) with a hinged lid for coal mines to support the roof in horizontal and gently inclined mining face. Hinged roof beams can combined with various types of sigle metal acrow prop to form a metal bracket。


Standard hinged roof beam adopped Ⅱ type steel and periodic flat (102 × 7.55mm) alloy structure round bar and large flat steel (16 × 175mm) as a beam.

articulated roof beams

Metal Roof Beam

Beam end welded with hinged top beam structure parts



Metal Roof Beam, aka, articulated roof beams can be combined with various types of monolithic metal props t o form a metal support for a high strength roof beam to support coal mines at horizontal and gently inclined mining faces. Because this roof beam can support the roof above the transport road in front of the coal wall of the working face so that the coal wall and the acrow prop have a larger unsupported space, provided the conditions for the adoption of new coal mining machinery and flexible transport aircraft, to achieve the general mechanization of coal mining.

Form metal bracket with various sigle metal acrow prop.

Mining Metal Roof Beam Hinged roof beams
articulated roof beams

articulated roof beams


Metal roof beam is not only suitable for blast mining working face, but also necessary supporting equipment for roof support of high-grade general mining face.

Pictures For Reference Only Due To Different Product Batch & Specs. Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.



External die forging can be used in other forms of forging products, but need to ensure axis distance of 1000mm between connector and ear, and to meet the requirements of the graphics bit tolerance.

Drawing of Metal Roof Beam


1. Metal roof beam should be in compliance with the MT30-2000 requirements, and in accordance with the requirements of drawings and technical documents procedures approved by the manufacturing.

2. The size that not shown on drawing reffers to GB/T1804-C level; implementation of unmarked tolerances according to GB/T1184-L tolerance class; Roof beam should be able to meet with the friction metal support (in line with MT112) cap with the size of 861.5-0.7mm slot requirements. Articulated roof beam fraud allowance is ±4mm.

3. Not allowed leak welding, welding penetration, discontinuity, crater, burn through, slag, cracks, mesh-intensive pores and weld size is not correct and other defects.


4. Metal Roof Beam surface should be smooth, no flash, burrs, welding slag, welding knobs, scale and other objects. Top beam surface should be painted (pins, adjustable angle wedge excluded), paint adhesion firm

5. Any two hinged beams on the work platform should be able to successfully insert the pin and the angle wedge to achieve articulation, hinged roof beam up and down along the pin rotation freely, no significant reversal, retreat wedge withdrawal pin flexible without jamming.

Parameters of Metal Roof Beam
Beam Length 800mm,1000mm,1200mm
Model DJB1000-300
Material 27simn
Width 100mm
Height 90mm
Thickness 8mm
Length 1000mm
Processing quenching and tempering( heat treatment)
Load Capacity Lager Than 300kN

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