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Rail Drilling Machine





Rail Drilling Machine

is a specially track drilling equipment for railway electricity wiring, is the ideal rail drilling tools. Rail drilling machine is suitable for railway line maintenance, repair, especially for areas with power and interval of drilling operation. Can be applied to all kinds of steel with 43 kg/m - 60 kg/m, especially suitable for the 60 kg/m rails.

Engine Power


Speed Of Main Shaft


Borehole Diameter


Drilling Time


Machine Weight


Rail Drilling Machine Rail Drilling Machine Rail Drilling Machine Rail Drilling Machine

Motor transmitted power to spindle through deceleration mechanism, spindle drives bit rotation for drilling movement; pull the feed handle,feed the spindle through the rack to achive drilling.



  • 01

    Rail drilling machine adopts ruler gear transmission method,
    with general bit to achieve the max cutting power. Quick speed, high efficiency, low noise.

  • 02

    Track clamp art adopts two sets of four connecting rod agency,
    loading and unloading of flexible, smooth work.

  • 03

    Advanced design, reasonable structure, convenient repair,
    easy maintenance, small volume, light weight.

  • 04

    Rail drilling machine using block positioning, profile positioning block
    can be replaced correspondingly to the various types of steel rail, more accurate.

Rail Drilling Machine


The Rail Drilling Machine Before Use

  • First check if motor power cord has broken skin leakage phenomenon. Turn on the motor,no-load for half a minute to observe if the operation is normal.

  • If the gearbox is lack of lubricating oil. Install the positioning block that matched with the rail profile in the corresponding part of the drilling machine.

  • Turn the feed switch clockwise, push the spindle to the end, and then wear the bit into the drill chuck.

The Rail Drilling Machine During Operation

  • Rail Drilling Machine Operation

    Put the clamp on the rail top surface, adjust the proper length of the top wire, press the clamp handle to lock.

  • Rail Drilling Machine Operation

    Turn on the motor,idling for 30 seconds,turn the handle anticlockwise when the motor runs smoothly,inject water for cooling when the drill bit into the turning state to prevent the drill burn.

  • Rail Drilling Machine Operation

    After drilling, stop water injection, quickly turn the handle clockwise, push spindle back, turn off the motor. Lift up clamp handle to get off from the track. Operation completed.

Protect rail drilling machine from moisture, long-term shutdown should seal with oil, save in the box.

Gear box to be filled with grease during operation, keep the drill bit sharp while drilling to ensure proper operation.

Repair and Maintenance

After use to wipe the rail drilling machine, should be oil in case of rusting where needed, then stored in the warehouse.

Inspect track drilling machine grease yearly. Grease should be added or replaced if missing or contaminated. Grease should be 1 # calcium-based grease.

Pictures For Reference Only Due To Different Product Batch & Specs.

Please Contact Our Sales to Confirm.



The items that must be checked before starting up as follows:

1.1 Check rail clamping situation: according to the rail type, adjust top part wire, if too loose, the clamp is not firm; If too tight, easier to broke clamp head.

1.2 Check if no no jam phenomenon during spindle drilling and back drill.

1.3 Check the motor connection to the rack screws.


Precautions During Use:

1. Before operation, the motor must be idle half a minute, work after smooth operation and no abnormal phenomenon.

2. Forcibly even during drilling in to prevent bit from stuck.

3. Prevent cooling water entering the motor during drilling.

4. Slow down drilling speed when the hole is about to drilling through, in case of drill bit damage.

5. After the completion of the drilling, shut down the engine and then get off the track. Don't touch the bit until it completely stop running.

6. Must turn of the motor when epair, maintenance or replacement parts.

7. If any motor or transmission abnormalities found, immediately stop working, do not disassemble, our technicals will consider repair or replacement according to the specific circumstances.



Structural Rationality

Rail drilling machine designed reasonable, drill bit designed in the center of the whole drilling machine for force uniform. Rail clamp device to ensure the stability of the operation.

Rail Drilling Machine

Operational Flexibility

Rail drilling equipment is easy to operate, rail clamp device adopts the worm gear and worm, flexible operation and little force required during on/off track and clamping, not easy loose aftr clamping, steel track drilling machine is reasonable designed, convenient, save labour.

Rail Drilling Machine

Working Site Practicality

The rail drilling machine solves the problem of neutrality; Solves the problem that original drilling machine can not be solved of drilling holes onsite because of rail on one side, and the drilling problem of the first drilling hole can be performed from both sides of the rail drilling; Solve the problem that original drilling machine can only use long drill bit, both long and short drill bit can be used, saving and reducing costs.

Rail Drilling Machine

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