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PB Scraper Loader




Scraper Loader

P and PB Scraper Loader is mainly used in coal mines, metallurgical mines, tunnels and other engineering roadway boring with barrels or bucket for loading operations.


The main part adapted planetary drive, rock scraper loader with advantages of high rock loading efficiency, simple structure, good reliability, easy operation, wide range of applications, etc., not only can be used for roadway, but also for inclined lane below 30 °, is a major mechanical transportation equipment to improve the driving speed, to achieve roadway mechanization.


PB underground scraper laoder equipped with mechanized shunting disk to speed up shunting operations, can better meet demand of the large section with large amount of rock waste, when demolition of shunt disk, PB rock scraper loader can also be used as P scraper rock loader.


PB (A) mining sraper loader machine with a pneumatic cart pushing cylinder, after the mine cart is full, pneumatic cart pushing cylinder pushes mine car out in order to reduce the labor intensity of workers, to shorten the shunting time and improve driving speed.

Technical Characteristics of PB Scraper Loader

Parameter of P.PD Scraper Loader
Parameter of P. PB Tunnel Scraper Loader
Model P15(B) P30B(A) P60B(A) P90B P120B(A) P150B
Bucket Volume m³ 0.15 0.30 0.60 0.90 1.20 1.50
Technical Productivitym³/h 15-25 35-50 70-110 95-140 120-180 150-220
Gauge mm 600 600 900 600 900 600 900 600 900 1500 1500
Main Rope Traction kN 7.2-10.4 12.3-18.5 20.0-28.0 31.0-50.0 37.0-55.0 52.0-72.0
Rope Diameter mm 12.5 12.5-15.5 15.5 17.0 18.5 20.0
Motor Power kW YBB11-4 11 YBB17-4 17 YBB30-4 30 YBB45-4A 45 55 75
Operating Voltage V 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660 380/660
Overall Overall Dimension
(Excluding Baffles)
Length mm 5500 6110 6800 8610 10550 11000
Width 1170
1305 1850 2050 2250 2400
Height 1800 2000 2350 2745 2870 3000
Weight×103kg 2.50 4.75 6.50 9.80 12.50 15.00
Model Code of PB Scraper Loader

Planetary Driven Scraper Loader


100 times the bucket volume
Mining Flameproof
Second Improvement


Working Principle And Structure Of PB Scraper Loader

Working Principle And Structure Of PB Scraper Loader
Working Principle And Structure Of PB Scraper Loader

P type rock scraper loading machine through two drums of winches drawing the main rope and the tail rope respectively to makes the scraper bucket for reciprocating movement to fill the chute with rock and discharge at discharge port to achieve rock loading operations.


PB type rake bucket rock loader with shunt disk, shunt disk is similar mobile turnout of steel structure which consists of shunt disk body, pneumatic dispatching winch for no-load mine cart traction, pneumatic no-load mine cart pushing cylinder, mine cart air pushi cylinder and pneumatic operating system, the host and shunting disc connected with a hinged ion.

Fixed Wedge
Tail Wheel B with Shunting Disc
Scraper Bucket (A) with Pneumatic Cart Push Cylinder
Trollley Electrical Section
Chute(Infeed, Intermediate, Discharge) Winch
Operating Mechanism Guide Wheel

Function And Structure Brief OF Main Components Of PB Scraper Loader

Function And Structure Brief OF Main Components Of PB Scraper Loader
Function And Structure Brief OF Main Components Of PB Scraper Loader

Fixed Wedge: Fixed Wedge is fixed on the head, to hang the tail wheel, fixed wedge consists of a tight wedge and a rope ring with wedge tapered sleeve.


Tail Wheel: Hanging on the fixed wedge to guide the tail rope and make the rake bucket back to head. It mainly consists of main parts such as side plate, sheave, mandrel and hanger.


Scraper Bucket: The main rope, tail rope traction under the reciprocating motion to steal the rock, can be used for roadway and sloping roadway. Rake teeth can be replaced after wear.


Operating Mechanism: Consists of two sets of joystick, rod, adjusting screw and so on. One end of the adjusting screw is connected with the winch brake band, and the opening and closing of the brake band is controlled by the joystick, and the two drums of the winch are respectively operated. Lever can be installed on the left and right side of the winch for manipulation.


Winch: Winch of scraper loader consists of a motor, reducer and two planetary drive rollers with two sets of brakes and auxiliary brake belts. Actually, the brake acts as a clutch and controls the two rollers respectively.


During work, the brakes on the working drum are braked to stop the internal gear. The planetary gear rolls along the internal gear driven by the central wheel, so as to drive the drum to rotate and wind the rope to draw the rake bucket, the scraper bucket is loaded with material along the trough to the discharge port after the head is installed.


On the return trip, loosen the brake on the working drum and brake the brakes on the freewheeling drum, the tail rope is retracted head-on according to the above principle.


Due to the different numbers of gears in the two drums, the speed of the two drums is also different, and the free-running drum has a higher rope speed than the working drum.


In order to prevent the drum from rotating due to inertia and causing the rope to loop around the rope after stopping, two sets of auxiliary brakes are also arranged on the edges of the two rollers to prevent the drum from continuing to rotate due to inertia.


Trolley: Consists of frame, wheelset, bump and other components, it is rack and walkway of scraper loader, carrying full weight of rock loader. The trolley is equipped with a winch, a steering mechanism and a pneumatic system and also provided with a bracket and a pillar for supporting the middle slot. Four sets of rail guides are arranged on the front and the back of the trolley.

Guide Wheel, Roller: Installed in the middle and top of the scraper loader to guide and change the direction of the rope. It consists of side panels, sheaves, mandrels, rolling bearings and other components, and the use of dust-proof structure to extend its service life.


Feed Chute, Middle Chute, (intermediate Chute), Discharging Chute: is part of scraping rock mechanism, scraps taken from the rake bucket are sequentially unloaded to a mine car or a skip through the discharge port along feed chute, middle chute, (intermediate chute), discharging chute. The middle chute is installed on the trolley, feed chute, middle chute (intermediate chute), discharging chute is respectively connected before and after.


The middle of the feed chute is equipped with a lifting device for adjusting the height of the dustpan mouth. A baffle is arranged on the two front sides of the dustpan mouth to guide the rake bucket into the material trough.


Pneumatic System: In order to ensure the reliability of the pneumatic system, take the pressure filter, lubricator lubrication measures, penumatic system consists of coarse filter bag, oil mist, rotary valve, cart push clylinder which is mainly composed of a cylinder barrel, a piston rod, a piston, front and rear covers, a Y-shaped polyurethane sealing ring, etc. The air cylinder structure is provided on both the front and the back of the cylinder to ensure smooth movement. Prevent mine cars from damaging the piston rod when hit.


Electrical Section: The components used are mining explosion-proof, can be used in mines with methane and coal dust, consists of flameproof control box that adapted to industrial and mining conditions with large voltage fluctuation, anti-glare flameproof explosion-proof lights, explosion-proof control buttons, explosion-proof motor and other components.


Shunt Disk: To make the turnout and the yard closely follow the rake bucket rock loader. The shimming disc is a moving turnout floating on the track, which moves forward along with the progress of the rock scraper mounting rocker and utilizes the wind The winches and two pneumatic trolley cylinders make it possible to speed up shipping operations by mechanizing the shunting of empty and heavy trucks. Tune disc body consists of four wide 1200mm, 14mm thick steel assembled from the plate, the body is equipped with wind-driven shunting winch, empty cart trolley and air moving console and other components.

  • Scraper Loader
  • Scraper Loader Parts
  • Scraper Loader Parts

How to Use PB Scraper Loader

PB Scraper Loader Using Method

Instructions of PB Scraper LoaderAfter blasting, first punch the hole in the head (or use the remaining hole), install the fixed wedge with first put wire end of the sleeve with a tapered sleeve into drilled hole, and then inserted into the fixed wedge and tapping, when demolition, with a hammer laterally tap the end of the tight wedge to loose, and then pull out the tight wedge and then wire rope ring. The hole for fixed wedges is preferably offset from the work surface by 5 ° to 7 ° so that the fixed wedge can not be easily pulled out.

Instructions of PB Scraper Loader

Instructions of PB Scraper LoaderScraper loader used to tilt roadway rock loading, in addition to using the original rail device should add a stop device to prevent the decline of the machine to ensure safe and reliable.

Instructions of PB Scraper LoaderIn order to ensure a high productivity and easy to lay the track, 15m. In order to avoid blasting machine damage, the machine is generally not less than 6m away from head to head (Figure VI).

Instructions of PB Scraper LoaderTrolley Movement: Rope of winch and air windlass of scraper loader go through sheave hanging on the track, with the bolt fixed in the side of the mine cart out of the steel plate hole, pulled out winch main rope and fixed on the rail. Then start and control the air winch and scraper winch, shunting disk and rake bucket rock loader to move backwards, until the track exposed dustpan mouth outside to stop. Scraper winch pulls rock loader and shunt disc to he place.

Instructions of PB Scraper Loader

Instructions of PB Scraper LoaderAfter installing the fixed wedge, the tail wheel can be hung on the wire rope collar, tail suspension position with the roadway depending on the situation, it is better to hang above the height of 1000 mm above the head rock.

Instructions of PB Scraper LoaderWhen suspending and removing the rear wheel, loosen the auxiliary brake spring on the edge of the winch drum, pull the wire rope and hang the tail wheel until the tail wheel is hung and reset or adjust the spring to the proper pressure.

Instructions of PB Scraper LoaderAfter installing the tail wheel and relevant safety inspection, start the motor to start rock loading operation, tighten drum joystick then the steering wheel will drag the rake head to take the rock, unloading into the mine cart along the chute to the discharge port, and then release the working drum joystick, tighten the free-wheel drum joystick, so that the empty rake bucket back to head, repeat rock scraping action for 2-3 times to fill a mine car.

Instructions of PB Scraper Loader(A) type rock scraper loader manipulate the pneumatic system of the rotary valve, with the pneumatic cart push cylinder to push the mine cart out. As used for equipping with a skip behind the inclined lane, you can add an intermediate slot between the middle chute and unloading chute, in order to change the position of the discharge port to fill the skip.

Instructions of PB Scraper Loader

Precautions of PB Scraper Loader

Precautions of PB Scraper Loader

Driver side need reliable protection device for easily swung rope. Issue signal before driving, it is prohibited to stand within the scraper loader working range.

Avoid tightening both joysticks simultaneously to prevent rake bucket from flying.

Scraper bucket when obstruction or overload too large, should not be forced traction, should pull scraper bucket back, and then scraping.

Working winch drum should be left at least three laps rope rope margin.

Rock of feed chute can not be stacked too high, not too much refuse within the chute to prevent winches overload and gangue, rake hopper out of the tank causing an accident.

Pneumatic cart push cylinder pushing mine cart, you must pay attention to safety, the signal should be sent to make others pay attention.

After loading the rock, the rake bucket should be pulled to the front of the trough, and then the tail wheel unloaded from the head will be placed in the rake bucket to prevent it from being buried by the waste rock.

After loading the rock, the two joysticks should be in the releasing position and the handle should be removed and placed on the trolley. Then, the rotating valve of the pneumatic system should be rotated to the slot Below, to prevent blasting smashed.

Remove the anti-glare lighting installed on the side of the middle tank before shooting and put it under the trough to prevent damage.

After blasting, inspect the trough, cables, anti-skid devices, etc. before driving.

If the shunting disc is used, after loading the gangue, pay attention to whether the piston rod of the empty cart cylinder or the heavy truck cart cylinder has been fully retracted into the cylinder tube to prevent the piston rod from being damaged. And should promptly clean the shovel on the shunting disk.


Downhole and Installation of PB Scraper Loader


Before going down the well, check whether the parts and accessories are complete.


Before commissioning, it must be checked whether the motor connection is consistent with the power supply voltage, the direction of motor rotation is correct, otherwise it can not operate.


Different locations, different supporting content: Pneumatic system needs to be used for tunneling, pneumatic system when driving inclined roadway can be removed.

Downhole and Installation of PB Scraper Loader
Parameters of P PB PB(A) Scraper Winch
Components Scraper Bucket Feed Chute Middle Chute, Trolley Discharge Chute
Model Overall Dimension(mm)
Overall Dimension
Overall Dimension
Overall Dimension
P15B 1125×680×460 272 1440×1200×380 180 1750×872×380 206 1480×872×380 168
P30B 1235×900×610 459 1395×1450×700 480 2300×1150×1650 1900 1630×1170×550 309
P30B(A) 1245×900×610 468 2200×1500×700 596 2430×1150×700 2300 1530×1140×570 380
P60B 1535×1100×670 730 2265×1900×503 820 2700×1366×1866 2770 1900×1366×500 498
P60B(A) 1520×1100×670 730 2385×1870×660 853 2600×1366×2050 3410 1935×1366×615 708
P90B(A) 1640×1260×730 882 2515×2030×720 942 2600×1526×2531 5180 2290×1526×675 807
Note: Shunting disc dimensions of 4800 x 2245 x 910mm
Maintenance and Management of PB Scraper Loader

Maintenance and Management of PB Scraper Loader

After the electrician connects, pay attention to the rotation direction of the drum. When working, from the side of the reducer, the drum should rotate anticlockwise. When the two drums rotate in the opposite direction at the same time, the working one should be taken as the standard.

Check if brake belt and auxiliary brake belt tightness is appropriate, whether the winch rotation flexibility, work is reliable, if internal gear can not hold or do not open, should adjust the adjusting bolt so that Suitable.

Often check the wire rope wear condition, wire rope rupture should be promptly replaced.

Grease the sheave bearings once a month, 90 - 150 industrial gear oil once every three months for winch reducer, 90-150 industrial gear oil once a month for planetary gear drive parts.

When refueling planet gear, not to drop the oil on the drum brake surface and the brake band. If there is oil stain on these parts, it should be wiped clean.

Video of PB Scraper Loader

Video of PB Scraper Loader

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