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U36 Shaped Steel Support

U36 Shaped Steel Support main characteristic: Withstand the pressure, support long time, easy to install easy deformation characteristics. U-shaped steel support lift straight wall semi-arched shed in

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Application of U36 Shaped Steel Support

U36 steel support is mainly used for mine tunnel, mine tunnel secondary support, as well as support through the mountain tunnel support purposes. U-shaped steel bracket Features: withstand pressure, support long time, easy to install and easy to deformation characteristics. 36U steel frame consists of a roof beams, two legs, four card cable, two bottom feet composition. Mainly used in mine tunnel, mine tunnel secondary support, as well as support through the mountain tunnel support and so on.

Product characteristic

1 Bear heavy pressure , support long time, has the characteristics of easy installation and not easily out of shape

2 Carrying capacity of the yielding and stable and reliable, to adapt to the load and deformation of the soft surrounding rock

3 The section utilization ratio is high, support the back is convenient, small amount of maintenance.

4 High rate of recovery and reuse, reduce timber use and environmental benefit is obvious.

Photo of U36 Shaped Steel Support

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