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Hot Products

  • 40t/h--320t/h Asphalt Mixing Plant

    40t/h--320t/h Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Single Hydraulic Prop

    Single Hydraulic Prop

  • 70 Tons(GW) Mining Dump Truck 6x4

    70 Tons(GW) Mining Dump Truck 6x4

  • HOWO 8*4 Heavy Duty Tipper Truck

    HOWO 8*4 Heavy Duty Tipper Truck

  • CTY mining electric locomotive

    CTY mining electric locomotive

  • Wheel Loader

    Wheel Loader

Production Department

Production Department

Sales Specialist

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Products Center

Rock Drilling Equipment

  • YT29A Air Leg Rock Drill

    YT29A Air Leg Rock Drill


  • YT24 Rock Drill

    YT24 Rock Drill


  • PE Series Jaw Crusher

    PE Series Jaw Crusher


Lifting Equipment

  • Underground electric mining scraper winch

    Underground electric mining scraper winch


  • 8 KN air scraper winch with scraper pan

    8 KN air scraper winch with scraper pan


  • Heavy duty mechanical jack

    Heavy duty mechanical jack


Railway Materials

  • ND-4 Internal Combustion Tamping Tool

    ND-4 Internal Combustion Tamping Tool


  • Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine

    Internal Combustion Rail Cutting Machine


  • Turnout



Packaging Equipment

  • FR-900S Continuous Band Sealing Machine

    FR-900S Continuous Band Sealing Machine


  • FR-600A Continuous Band Sealer

    FR-600A Continuous Band Sealer


  • DXDF Automatic Powder Packaging Machine

    DXDF Automatic Powder Packaging Machine


Successful Cases

  • Rebar Tying Machines Exported to Saudi Arabia
  • A Batch of Mining Lamp Exported to Peru
  • Packing Machinery Exported to USA.
  • Agriculture UAV Drone Exported to Romania
  • PZ-7 Shotcrete Machine Exported to Lebanon
  • Confined Space Rescue Tripod Exported to Oman
  • Intelligent Window Cleaner Exported to Korea
  • Agriculture Drone Exported to Oman
  • Backhoe Excavator Exported to USA again
  • Rescue Equipment Exported to Indonesia
  • Heavy Marine Winch Successfully Exported to UK
  • Vacuum Pump&Sewage Pump Exported to Bulgaria
  • Mine Wagon and Wheel Sets Exported to Peru
  • Construction Concrete Mixer Exported to USA
  • Steel Rails Applied to Pakistan Rail Project
  • Flow Meter, Gas Analyzer Exported to Argentina
  • Electric Marble Cutter Exported to Korea
  • Kinds of Rock Drilling Machine Exported to UAE
  • Electric Hoist and Winch Exported to Paraguay
  • Winch and Ventilation Fan Exported to Pakistan
  • A Batch of Golf Cart Exported to UK
  • 5 Sets Mining Mud Pump Exported to Vietnam
  • Steel Rail Samples Exported to Iran
  • Seamless Steel Pipe Exported to Peru
  • Mining Self Rescuer Exported to Bulgaria

Customer Evaluation

  • Customer Evaluation


    Manager :China Coal Group is famouse for its outstanding qualiy and good service.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Manager :The pneumatic winches produced by Shandong China Coal Group totaly meet our special requirement.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Manager :We learned Shandong China Coal by google, and their mining explosion-proof telephones are just as senn as on website.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Manager :We started coperating with China Coal for coal mining machinery since 2014, now we need another Coal Shearer.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Manager : We learned the agriculture drone of China Coal Group through 2016 MEI Awards and the design is very professional.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Manager :With these high quality and efficient machines we can easily save 70% labor than before.
  • Customer Evaluation

    Sierra Leone

    Manager : China Coal Group is a major manufacture and her products meet our standnard.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Manager :Our business partner recommended China Coal Group to us. High quality is always been our first choice.
  • Customer Evaluation

    Sri Lanka

    Manager : China Coal Group is a major railway supplies maufacturer with high quality and good pirce and has a goog reputaion in our Contry.
  • Customer Evaluation


    General Manager : This Group has passed many certificats regarding mining and railway machinery and the service is very thoughtfull.
  • Customer Evaluation


    General Manager: We took an onsite check on railway retarder and vitnessed the manufacture strengh. Pleasure to cooperate with China Coal Group
  • Customer Evaluation

    South Korean

    General Manager: China Coal's Agricultrue UVA Drone has multi solutions. We're always satisfactory in cooperating with China Coal Group.
  • Customer Evaluation


    General Manager Soog: China Coal has high reputation in the mining industry. We witness China Coal Group' superior strengths during visitation.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Manage: Quality of forklifts is above requirement. We strongly strengthened our confidence in cooperation with China Coal Group.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Purches Manager: The principle reason for our cooperation with China Coal Group is its quality can be tursted absolutely!
  • Customer Evaluation


    China Coal Group has strong strength production capacity, technology research and development ability, qualification...
  • Customer Evaluation


    The products from China Coal are high performance,strong, sturdy and durable ...
  • Customer Evaluation


    My opinion of China Coal is to put the customer's demand in the first place, based on this, many...
  • Customer Evaluation


    I think the staff qualityof China Coal is very good, very timely to our customers' feedback, solved problems successfully.
  • Customer Evaluation

    London UK

    First time cooperation, we only ordered few products, but they are very enthusiastic, very good!
  • Customer Evaluation


    China Coal product performance-to-price ratio is high, quotation affordable , timely delivery, we have 8 years of cooperation, various aspects ...
  • Customer Evaluation


    China Coal salemen are patient and serious, communication is also very kind, from the start, had a very...
  • Customer Evaluation


    We have many partners in China, China Coal is very famous in the industry, is a most satisfied supplier.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Cooperation with China Coal over the past five years, the biggest feeling is the the excellent product quality ...
  • Customer Evaluation


    Business personnel service is very considerate, the product quality is very good also, for each product the quality of a detailed ...
  • Customer Evaluation


    Well known brand, high quality with reasonable price, worth of long term corporation
  • Customer Evaluation


    The product of China Coal has always been the first target of our procurement, reasonable price...
  • Customer Evaluation

    Xingtai, Hebei

    President Ma: I think the staff quality of China Coal is good. About the feedback of our customers, they treated
  • Customer Evaluation


    President Jiang: Crap Sparyer Drone is very need for our place, with this high tech porducts we save a lot of labor.
  • Customer Evaluation


    President Tian: High quality and best factry price, we can not find another supplier like China Coal Group.
  • Customer Evaluation


    President Wei: We made a correct decision that buy from China Coal, products and service are excellent.
  • Customer Evaluation

    Zijin Mining Group

    Group President Gao: Products of China Coal Group have passed many MA Certificates. Quality Assured.
  • Customer Evaluation


    President Li: Business honest, nice price,quick delivery,and trained us how to use the robots in details.
  • Customer Evaluation


    Director Han:The principle reason for our cooperation with China Coal Group are her 20 years' experincess and 100% product quality assurance.The products of China coal can be tursted absolutely!
  • Customer Evaluation


    President Lin: Intelligent Robots is immediately put into use as soon as it is received. Glad we choose the high tech products from a big company.
  • Customer Evaluation


    President Zhou: Full range of shotcrete machines to choose from and the logistic is fast. We received the goods in one days.