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China Coal Group Is Invited To Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association The Fifth Session Of The First Meeting

Date: 27/12/2018   View: 34  Tags: Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association Meeting

In order to give full play to the functions of the association and better carry out the next step, on the afternoon of December 27th, the fifth meeting of the first meeting of the Shandong Cross-border E-Commerce Association is held in Jinan, Shandong Provincial Commerce Department Foreign Trade Department Director Zang yaogang, Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association President Qin Changling And Shandong Provincial Municipality Representative Office Representatives Attended The Meeting. China Coal Group as the vice president unit of Shandong Cross-border E-Commerce Association, the Jining representative office of Shandong Cross-border E-Commerce Association and the chairman of Jining Cross-border E-Commerce Association, is invited to the meeting, China Coal Group Executive Deputy General Manager Jining City Cross-Border E-Commerce Association Chairman Li Zhenbo on behalf of china coal group attended the meeting.

China Coal Group Is Invited To Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association The Fifth Session Of The First MeetingChina Coal Group Is Invited To Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association The Fifth Session Of The First Meeting
At the meeting, President Qin reported on the work of the Association in the fourth quarter and arranged for the work in 2019. The main responsible persons of each branch and each regional representative office reported on their work and feedback, and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions on the next step of development. After listening to the discussion speeches of various units, Mr. Yan Yaogang, Director of the Foreign Trade Department of the Shandong Provincial Department of Commerce, fully affirmed the achievements of the association and its branches in 2018, and encouraged everyone to continue to cross-border electricity to Zhejiang and other places in 2019. Trademark pole enterprises learn to better improve the innovation and development of cross-border e-commerce ecosystem, and strive to create more cross-border e-commerce brands and platforms to contribute to the development of cross-border e-commerce innovation in Shandong Province!
China Coal Group Is Invited To Shandong Cross-Border E-Commerce Association The Fifth Session Of The First Meeting
In recent years, China Coal Group has actively responded to the national export foreign exchange policy, vigorously expanded overseas markets, and developed cross-border e-commerce trade. All kinds of industrial and mining products have been sold in 151 countries and regions around the world, and have been rated as national cross-border e-commerce integrated innovation demonstration enterprises. Shandong Province cross-border e-commerce key enterprises. While actively expanding overseas business, the Group also vigorously developed the cross-border e-commerce B2B platform construction, and independently developed and operated six cross-border e-commerce platforms based on the Yikuang cloud platform, among which the billion mine cloud platform was selected for national e-commerce integration. The innovative pilot project was awarded the National Cross-border E-Commerce Key Support Project and the National New Information Consumption Demonstration Project. It has won many awards such as China's Two-in-One Integration Innovation Practice Award and Shandong Province's key e-commerce platform to promote the national industrial and mining industry. The industrial transformation and upgrading of the machinery industry has made positive contributions!

Li Zhenbo, president of the Cross-border E-Commerce Association of Jining City and executive deputy general manager of China Coal Group, said that China Coal Group will actively fulfill the duties of the vice president unit of the provincial cross-border e-commerce association and the chairman of the cross-border e-commerce association of Jining City. With the international economic globalization and China's “One Belt, One Road” development strategy, we will share the successful experience of cross-border e-commerce with foreign trade enterprises in the province, give full play to the spirit of innovation and exemplary role, fully implement the innovation and development of new foreign trade, and strive to promote the province. Make more contributions to the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce!


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