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China Coal Group Was Invited To Jining High-Tech Zone "Enterprises Cloud" Promote Conference

Date: 07/02/2018   View: 85  Tags: Jining "Enterprises Cloud" Promote Conference

Accelerate the pace of "enterprises on the cloud" in Hi-tech Zone, promote the conversion of old and new kinetic energy, and promote economic restructuring and upgrading to enhance the quality and efficiency. On the afternoon of February 7, Jining High-tech Zone held the "Enterprise Cloud" Promotion Conference,  Jining Economic and information Commission researcher Wang Youbing, City Finance Bureau Enterprise Section chief Wang Sumei, Deputy Section Chief Liang Sichao, Municipal economic and Information Commission Software and Services Section Hu Qinghua,  Municipal economic and Information Technology Promotion Section Deputy Chief Wang Liang, High-Tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau Deputy Director  Lan Tian and other leaders attended the meeting.The responsible person in charge of the relevant departments and the responsible persons of the key enterprises of 6501 nurturing projects in the region attended the meeting. As the key enterprise of "6501" demonstration training in Jining City, China Coal Group was invited to attend the meeting. China Coal Group Guan Deputy Party Secretary And Deputy General Manager Chenghui attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over Jining Information Industry Park Management Committee, Hi-tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau Information Industry Minister Tian Yu.

China Coal Group Was Invited To Jining High-Tech Zone

It is learned that this meeting is jointly organized by Jining Economic Commission, Jining Municipal Bureau of Finance, Economic and Trade Bureau of High-tech Zone, High-tech Zone Finance Bureau, Jining Information Industry Park Administrative Committee, Jining City Enterprise Cloud Service Alliance, "Cloud service vouchers" approach, provincial and county financial subsidies at level 3 to support enterprises on the cloud, and further enhance the enterprise's information technology applications and market competitiveness, and promote economic restructuring and upgrading to enhance efficiency. The meeting invited Master of Industrial Engineering, Penghai (Haier) software consultants, experts in intelligent manufacturing, Lean experts Gaogang Gang on the "business" cloud "manufacturing low-cost push" Internet + manufacturing "for thematic counseling report.
China Coal Group Was Invited To Jining High-Tech Zone

City commissioner of the Commission Director Wang pointed out in the speech that cloud manufacturing, as a new mode of production, is applied in the fields of industrial manufacturing such as big data, cloud computing, internet, intelligent manufacturing and Internet of Things and further to the fields of distribution and consumption The product of its expansion is in essence a deep integration of industrialization and informationization. All enterprises should recognize the importance of the cloud, actively coordinate with the incentive policies and speed up the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Lantian, deputy director of the High-tech Zone Investment Promotion Bureau, stressed in his speech that "enterprises on the cloud" is of great significance for reducing the cost of enterprise information construction and accelerating the conversion of old and new kinetic energy. All major enterprises should seize the opportunity to make full use of policy dividends and speed up Develop a cloud plan. Subsequently, Sun Xiaowen, member of Jining Economic and Information Technology Commission, explained in detail the cloud policies and procedures on the enterprise. Mobile, Unicom, Inspur, Huawei, Kingdee and Lanling shared the experience of enterprises on the cloud.

China Coal Group Was Invited To Jining High-Tech Zone

During the meeting, the development achievements of our group in manufacturing and Internet convergence, big data and cloud computing were highly recognized by all leaders and colleagues in the industry. CNGC is accelerating the new and old kinetic energy of enterprises by using big data and cloud computing Conversion, and promote transformation and upgrading of enterprises in the forefront of the province, for the development of manufacturing enterprises in the city set a benchmark and model. In recent years, China Coal Group actively promoted innovation and development in manufacturing and Internet convergence, vigorously developed industrial supply chain e-commerce, and successfully transformed from the traditional sales model into a modern e-commerce sales model, becoming the nation's success in boosting traditional enterprises through the e-commerce information industry Industry model of transformation. At the same time, China Coal Group independently developed and operated the first cross-border B2B e-commerce platform for industrial and mining machinery industry in China - Billion Mine, which created a gap filling e-commerce platforms in domestic and overseas industrial and mining industries. In 2013, The project was listed as a key support project of cross-border e-commerce by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and made outstanding contributions to promoting the conversion of old and new kinetic energy across the country.
China Coal Group Was Invited To Jining High-Tech Zone
Manager Guan said that the meeting made it clear to all enterprises that the enterprises should further understand the reward policies of the cloud enterprises and the cloud-based experience learned from the cloud. In 2018, China Coal Group will actively implement the spirit of the conference, seize the opportunity and make full use of the policy dividends , Speed ??up the development of enterprise cloud program to further enhance the level of my group's information technology and market competitiveness, play a good coal as Jining City, "6501" model to train key enterprises demonstrative benchmarking effect, better for the city's old and new kinetic energy conversion make a positive contribution!
China Coal Group Was Invited To Jining High-Tech Zone China Coal Group Was Invited To Jining High-Tech Zone


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