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The Billion-Mine Network Cloud Platform Independently Developed By Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd

Date: 07/07/2019   View: 19  Tags: Shenhua Yikuang Network Cloud Platform
On July 3, Qilu Evening News·Qi Luzheng focused on the “Shenhua Information R&D 'Yikuang Net 

Cloud Platform' to help enterprises on the cloud”, focusing on the self-developed yikaung

network cloud of Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd. The platform project, the 

article details the Shenhua Technology Company's active efforts in using the big data, cloud 

computing to promote enterprise development, and help enterprises in the cloud field, has won 

wide acclaim from all walks of life.

As the first batch of cloud application service providers in Shandong Province, Shandong Shenhua 

Information Technology Co., Ltd. continuously strengthens its own R&D and innovation research 

and development, and actively seeks to benefit from science and technology and to achieve 

results in R&D. It has made active explorations in the field of Internet software applications. 

And successfully passed the enterprise "double soft certification", fully proved the overall 

strength of our company in the field of software product development and technological 

innovation. In 2019, Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully selected 

as the second batch of warehousing technology enterprises in Shandong Science and Technology 

Department in 2019.
Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd. independently develops and operates the 

billion mine network cloud platform, with the help of cloud computing capabilities, strengthens 

the business expansion of enterprises in the field of big data, not only can accurately locate 

the global customer distribution and market demand, but also for the group, government, society 

and Providing a full range of services in various industries around the world is a benchmark and 

model for industrial enterprises in Shandong Province and even the whole country to use big data 

and cloud computing to promote the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. The billion 

mine network cloud platform has been selected into the national e-commerce integrated innovation 

pilot project, and has been rated as the national cross-border e-commerce key support project, 

the national new information consumption demonstration project, and won the China Two-in-one 

Integration Innovation Practice Award, Shandong Province Enterprise Cloud Excellent industry 

cloud platform, Shandong key e-commerce platform and many other honors, made a positive 

contribution to promote the industrial transformation of the national coal mining machinery 


According to the report, as the localities accelerate the promotion of “enterprise on the cloud

”, the “Yi Mine Network Cloud Platform” has contributed a lot to accelerating the 

transformation of new and old kinetic energy and boosting the innovation and transformation of 

enterprises. Utilize big data and cloud computing to build a complete ecological chain for 

comprehensive analysis of enterprise data, identify and monitor the problems that have occurred 

or potential problems, help decision makers find problems, and collect production process data 

of each section of the production line. Through the cloud to achieve remote monitoring, to 

achieve the management of the company's product quality, so that the product qualification rate 

has been improved, to accelerate the transformation of the new and old kinetic energy of 

enterprises, and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Lu Haiyong say in the 

interview that with the development of 5G technology and the gradual maturity of AI projects, 

Shenhua Technology will make full use of existing technical resources and talent teams to 

actively explore the construction of “smart park”. The program will better help the city's 

'smart park' construction!
The Billion-Mine Network Cloud Platform Independently Developed By Shandong Shenhua Information Technology Co., Ltd


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