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Comprehensive Policy Can Achieve Clean And Efficient Use Of Coal

Date: 20/03/2019   View: 86  Tags: Clean And Efficient Coal
First, the efficiency of clean utilization of coal resources is relatively low. For a long time, in order to ensure production, China's coal industry has always been characterized by high mining, low utilization and high emissions. Although the “de-capacity” regulation has been carried out, the coal mining operation has improved. However, due to the limited application scope of clean development technology, it has not been popularized. The waste gas, waste water and solid waste generated in the coal mining process have not been used twice, which has caused certain damage to the ecological environment of the mining area and also caused many coal resources. Fully developed, resulting in waste of coal resources.

Second, the relevant policies for clean and efficient use of coal are unreasonable. The clean and efficient use of coal is inseparable from the strong support of national policies. Up to now, China has issued 32 major policies on coal cleaning, which can be roughly divided into coal upgrading processing, coal-fired power generation, coal-fired industrial boilers, civil loose coal combustion, and coal clean conversion applications. However, with the progress of the times, the development of science and technology, and the changes in social needs, the state should revise these policies in a timely manner to promote the sustainable development of the coal industry and coal resources. However, due to the lag effect of policy formulation, implementation, and adjustment, the existence of certain policies within a certain period of time restricts the clean development of coal.

Third, the promotion of coal clean utilization is hindering. The obstacles to the promotion of coal clean utilization in China are mainly due to technical and financial problems. Coal clean utilization technology has made great progress, but there are still many problems that have not been broken. In particular, some core coal processing technologies have not yet been mastered, and still need to be imported, which inevitably increases the cost of research and development and promotion. Although some technologies have reached the world's advanced level, they are not supported by national policies and cannot be promoted vigorously. They have limited effect on the improvement of coal clean utilization level. Due to the high cost of disposal of some wastes, some of the less powerful coal enterprises have a heavier burden, and it is more difficult to bear these costs, so they are reluctant to adopt new technologies, which also creates resistance to the large-scale development of coal clean utilization.

Strengthen the innovation of coal clean utilization technology. In the context of the country's “three to one, one reduction and one supplement”, the coal industry must change the extensive production methods in the past and explore clean technologies suitable for large-scale development. To strengthen the innovation of coal clean technology, we should start from many aspects: First, the innovation of coal clean technology requires the support of talents, funds and equipment. Secondly, in order to realize the clean development of the coal industry and the whole industrial chain of coal products and realize the green development of the coal industry, R&D personnel should focus on safe coal mining, upgrading, clean combustion, deep processing conversion, pollutant control, carbon emission reduction technology, etc. Seek technological breakthroughs and innovations. Third, we must control the total coal production capacity and reasonably control the development speed of coal resources.

Strengthen policy support for the clean development of coal. At the policy formulation level, the government needs to combine the social reality and industry realities to discover the problems of clean coal development, scientifically and rationally design relevant standards and regulations, help the coal industry to establish a sound comprehensive evaluation method for clean development, and achieve macroscopic policy content. Comprehensively, to ensure the smooth development of the coal cleaning industry, we must not “one size fits all” and blindly eliminate the enthusiasm of clean coal development.

At the policy implementation and supervision level, it is necessary to increase policy propaganda and implementation, improve the understanding level and work level of policy executives, reduce policy implementation deviations, and ensure the realization of policy objectives; and also establish a coal market supervision and management system, based on the state. The standard system supervises the clean application of coal and urges coal production and utilization enterprises to develop cleanly. At the policy adjustment level, it is necessary to collect the true views of the society on the clean development of coal, and make timely adjustments to policies that do not meet the current situation of the coal industry, do not apply coal development, and are not conducive to clean coal promotion, based on social development and national macro-planning. . Eliminate obstacles for the clean utilization of the coal industry chain, and carry out clean control of the entire process from coal production to consumption, and implement the relevant policies for coal cleaning.


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