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Status Quo and Development Trend of Industrial Robot Industry in 2018

Date: 12/01/2018   View: 61  Tags: Industrial Robot Status Quo Development Trend

China's industrial robot research began in the 1970s, can be divided into four stages, namely the theoretical research stage, prototype development stage demonstration application stage and initial stage of industrialization.

Theoretical research stage refers to 70s to early 80s of 20th century, due to the country's economic conditions and other factors at that time, mainly engaged in the basic theory of industrial robotics, robotics, mechanics, etc. made some progress, laid the foundation for the follow-up study of industrial robots.

Prototype R & D stage refers to the mid-1980s. With industrialized countries began to extensively apply and popularize industrial robots, the research of industrial robots in our country received the government's attention and support. The state organized research on the demand of industrial robots and invested a large amount of funds in the research of industrial robots and entered the prototype development stage.

Demonstration phase of application refers to the 20th century, 90's, this phase were developed a total of seven kinds of industrial robots series of planar joint-type integrated robot, rectangular coordinates robot, arc welding robot, spot welding robot and self-help guide class, 102 special robots , Implemented more than 100 robot applications, at the same time in order to promote the industrialization of domestic robots, the end of the 1990s, the establishment of a 9 robotics industrial base and 7 research bases.

The initial stage of industrialization refers to enter the 21st century. The Outline of National Medium and Long-term Science and Technology Development Plan Highlighting the Main Line of Empowering Independent Innovation, Striving to Create a Policy Environment in Favor of Independent Innovation, Accelerating the Promotion of Enterprises as Innovative Subjects, Vigorously Advocating Enterprises as Main Body, Combining Production, Teaching and Research with a Large Number of Domestic Enterprises Or independent research or cooperation with scientific research institutes, industrial robots into the ranks of research and production, China's industrial robots entered a preliminary stage of industrialization.

After the above four stages of development, China's industrial robots get a certain degree of popularity. According to the "Industry Analysis and Forecast Report of Production and Sales Demand in Industrial Robot Industry" issued by Forward Industry Research Institute, the number of industrial robots in China reached 300,000 units in 2016. In addition, compared with the advanced manufacturing countries, there are still many gaps in the use density of industrial robots in our country, and the holding amount of industrial robots still has huge room for growth.


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