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What is Mine Electric Locomotive Structure and Main Parts?

Date: 29/11/2017   View: 92  Tags: Mine Electric Locomotive Structure Main Parts

Mine electric locomotive mainly formed by the mechanical and electrical two major components.
Frame is a Mine Electric Locomotive's main frame, welded by thick steel. Support the locomotive mechanical and electrical installations; axle box main role is to fix and seal protective bearings, and connect the wheelset to the frame by bearing housing on both sides of the guide groove, the locomotive can make the wheel relative to the frame In a certain range of free activities. The wheelset generally consists of two wheels mounted on a shaft, its role is to make the traction motor torque acting on the track to produce locomotive traction and braking force, so that the locomotive on the track through the wheel rolling smooth operation; according to Different braking methods Brake device can be divided into mechanical braking and electrical braking two categories. Mechanical brake is the use of mechanical brake brake. Electrical braking using traction motors for energy braking; sanding device is mainly to improve the friction coefficient between the wheel and the rail, increasing the friction between them.
Traction motor is one of the main equipment of electric locomotive. At present, mining electric locomotive adopts DC traction motor. The controller is an important equipment to control traction motor and electric locomotive. It consists of two parts of the main controller and the commutator, respectively, which are respectively referred to as the spindle and the commutation axis; automatic switch is the power switch of the main circuit of the electric motor, in fact, it is also the protection device of the motor power circuit. Mine battery locmotives are installed before and after the lights, these lights are usually powered by the contact network; start resistance is generally composed of a number of individual resistors, the resistors have different connections, resulting in different resistance Value, its role is to limit the start-up current; pantograph is installed on top of the locomotive, from the overhead power grid to receive electrical energy equipment. According to its own pantograph structure can be divided into two bow and contact type, multi-use of the former electric locomotive.


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