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Shearer Arm Gearbox Failures

Date: 30/10/2017   View: 67  Tags: Shearer Gearbox Failures

High-speed zone faults of Shearer Arm Gearbox mainly are high-speed gear tooth wear, pitting, gluing and scraping, in high-speed or heavy-duty gear transmission, due to the deterioration of gear arm gearbox deterioration caused by meshing teeth between the film rupture, gear teeth Surface under direct contact with a certain pressure, "welding" after another relative movement, the metal from the tooth surface torn off, or from one tooth to the other tooth surface transfer caused damage. Due to the local contact point between the tooth surface temperature increases, the film and other surface membrane rupture, the surface of the metal fuse and then tear the formation of thermal adhesive injury, the formation of severe vibration and noise. High-speed zone failures often appear as a result of gear failure caused by strong vibration and abnormal noise and overheating and then lead to bearing failure, often the last to replace all gears and bearings.

Low-speed zone faults of Shearer Arm Gearbox mainly refers to the two-stage planetary gear failure, in particular, two planetary gear teeth, ring gear failure and rocker arm gearbox bearing failure. Rocker gearbox Two-stage planetary gear train is a typical low-speed heavy load area, when the rocker arm gearbox is subjected to impact or overload, resulting in a sudden impact on the planetary gear broken teeth or long-term overload caused by ring gear fatigue pitting, the final crack Tooth failure, or large bearing failure wear, peeling and other failures eventually lead to planetary gear train bearing failure.


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