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Manufacturing Industry Leaders Embrace Rapid Upgrade How To Develop The Logistics 4.0 The Era Of Industry 4.0

Date: 10/12/2017   View: 59  Tags: Industry 4.0 Logistics Develop

Bill Gates said the essence of competition is doing the best in the shortest time. Who won the initiative in time will be able to take the lead, has the initiative in the action to win. Since the concept of Industry 4.0, all enterprises that aspire to occupy a competitive edge in the future have gone from strength to strength. As smart manufacturing, smart factories and intelligent logistics swept the world, global manufacturing leaders have been rapidly escalating in this wave of industrial revolution. At present, the key to improving efficiency lies in improving informationization. With the continuous introduction of technologies such as industrial big data, Internet + and Internet of Things, the "integration of informatization and industrialization" (that is, the integration between informationization and industrial automation) proposed by China effectively improving the pas separation of information technology and industrial automation phenomenon, and promote the information technology companies and manufacturing enterprises to explore new technologies and new trends. Logistics as an important factor to connect the industry together, with the gradual promotion of Industry 4.0 is also facing the requirements of the development of logistics 4.0.

How can the manufacturing industry better intelligently develop in the logistics 4.0 era and realize efficient and coordinated operation?

Logistics, throughout the procurement, production, manufacturing, warehousing, transportation, distribution, retail and other links, is an important part of manufacturing supply chain management. Logistics from 1.0 - Simple warehousing and transportation to 2.0 - Professionalized business outsourcing industry, to today's 3.0 - Integration of social resources, I believe the future of logistics 4.0 must be intellectual, cloud, collaboration, interoperability, ecology, platform integration The era of development. While logistics are changing rapidly, leading manufacturing companies are also actively engaged in transformation and upgrading. How do they overcome the difficulties and reap the dividends in the "logistics 4.0" era?

Everyone engaged in the manufacturing industry deeply believes that in order to upgrade manufacturing efficiency and reduce costs, the manufacturing process must be upgraded. But in the Internet + era, to achieve intelligent manufacturing, just staying at this step is not enough. More important than a huge manufacturing enterprise is not the hand tools, but the "brain" of wisdom. Manufacturing companies that integrate a multitude of devices are like "giants" who will be opening up more production lines and becoming stronger under the impetus of the market, but without a single insight into production, storage, market dynamics, integrated information, guidance All production lines "combat" information management system, scattered factories will only be a mess. In the Internet + era, supply chain management innovation and coordination will become the core engine driving transformation and upgrading of manufacturing industry.

Recently, the General Office of the State Council issued the Guiding Opinions on Actively Promoting Innovation and Application of Supply Chain. This is the first time that the State Council has issued a programmatic guidance document on the innovation and development of supply chain. It has for the first time made major strategic plans for the development of the supply chain and promoted the development of China's industry Into the "supply chain +" a new stage. The "supply chain + manufacturing" will enable manufacturing industries to use supply chain management methods to promote innovation and development of the industry and enhance the core competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises.

In the field of supply chain, intelligent logistics promotion is indispensable. No matter in Germany or China, logistics occupy almost 40% of the production activities, it can be said that the 4.0 industry is the logistics 4.0 era. The intelligent upgrading of the logistics industry has become the key to the transformation of manufacturing wisdom. The improvement of logistics efficiency is a systematic project. The logistics field involves all aspects of manufacturing: warehouse management, transportation management, order management, cost settlement management during transportation, route optimization, and even the logistics involved in many AGV vehicles. Robot and so on.

The Leading Manufacturing Logistics 4.0 Road

Previously, in the "2025 China Manufacturing Summit of Smart Supply Chain," the trend of innovation synergy in manufacturing supply chain in the logistics 4.0 era lies in the following aspects. First, the layout of core industries can be promoted to help manufacturing enterprises develop new markets and create fist products . Manufacturing companies and supply chain management service platform for the organic combination of companies, you can complement each other, supply chain management services platform companies can help manufacturing enterprises in the new design of new factories, create new products. At the same time, effective and fast delivery, effective and rapid removal of excess inventory, inventory to a minimum, to promote the collaborative management of the entire supply chain. As more and more people come together in the entire ecosystem, you will find a lot of things that everyone can do together. This is not just a win-win situation or a win-win situation. In fact, it is a multi-win-win situation. In addition, building a globalized layout is linked to how to expand new locations and accelerate technological innovations, including cloud platforms, the Internet of Things, big data and more.

One of the most important industrial 4.0 vision is to achieve large-scale personalized custom, large-scale personalized custom behind the very complex and the key is logistics, the essence of logistics is information. Over the past 20-plus years of JAC's informatization construction, JAC has gone through four five-year plans with the simultaneous development of the entire manufacturing and manufacturing informatization. From the initial stage, the rapid development stage, the comprehensive deepening stage and the integrated integration and cooperation, we are now entering the stage of collaborative innovation. We have initially built a digital enterprise and fully supported the large-scale standardized manufacturing of automobiles. Not only has the enterprise established a relatively complete Information, but also to achieve a full range of upstream and downstream value chain synergy, is the benchmark for the national manufacturing information.

The essence of logistics is information, and the leading of logistics is the leading of production efficiency. The upgrading of logistics is the cost reduction and efficiency enhancement of manufacturing supply chain. At a time of intense market competition, logistics 4.0 needs to focus on the entire supply chain such as supplier manufacturing and network layout, terminal sales and service.

Within the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory framework, Intelligent Logistics is an important link between supply and customers and the cornerstone of building a smart factory of the future. Keep up with the pace of logistics 4.0, fully upgrade the efficiency of the supply chain, and the rapid development of manufacturing leaders, embracing the era of intelligent manufacturing!


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