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Warmly Welcome Huawei Company Leaders To Visit China Coal Group For Cooperation

Date: 17/11/2018   View: 85  Tags: Huawei Leaders Cooperation Visit

On the morning of November 17, Feng Yi, director of Huawei's smart computing products in Southwest China, and Mr. Gou Jiayu, head of the large enterprise of Huawei Jining Office, and related product manager of Huawei Jining Office and Li Guangkai, director of Shandong Baigu Group, visited China Coal Group. The China Coal Group data center computer room construction project was held for communication and negotiation. China Coal Group Executive Deputy General manager Li Zhenbo, Deputy General manager Fan Peigong, and Guan Chenghui, Group  Party Committee Deputy Secreter accompanied the reception.

Warmly Welcome Huawei Company Leaders To Visit China Coal Group For Cooperation

At the meeting, Huawei experts introduced in detail the details of China Coal Group's intelligent modular computer room construction plan and desktop cloud construction. The site listened to everyone's opinions and suggestions, and answered some questions and difficulties raised by everyone. . Director Feng pointed out that the enterprise cloud is of great significance for reducing the cost of enterprise information construction and accelerating the transformation of new and old kinetic energy. As a strong economic city in southwestern Shandong and Huaihai, Jining is an important node city in the global layout of Huawei Cloud, while China Coal As a key enterprise of Shandong Province's industrial Internet platform, Jining City's big data and cloud computing key enterprises, the Group is in the forefront of the city in the field of big data and cloud computing construction. It hopes to deepen the cooperation with China Coal through the construction of data center computer room. The Group's strategic cooperation in the field of cloud computing will achieve a win-win situation for both parties.

Warmly Welcome Huawei Company Leaders To Visit China Coal Group For CooperationWarmly Welcome Huawei Company Leaders To Visit China Coal Group For Cooperation

In recent years, China Coal Group has responded positively to the “Enterprise Clouds” action plan, making full use of the government's opportunity to issue “cloud service vouchers” to key enterprises, implementing financial subsidies, increasing investment in “enterprise cloud” and accelerating investment. Improve the level of information application of the Group, and take the lead in the province in the use of big data and cloud computing to accelerate the transformation of new and old kinetic energy and promote enterprise transformation and upgrading. Among them, the industrial Internet platform of the coal machinery industry, which was independently developed and operated by our group, was listed as the key support project for cross-border e-commerce and the key platform for e-commerce in Shandong Province by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Mr. Li said that Huawei is the world's leading provider of information and communication solutions. With a leading technology level, global operational capability and world-class brand influence in the field of cloud computing, we are very willing to deepen strategic cooperation with Huawei. This is of great significance for promoting the development of the Group's big data industry, upgrading the Group's industry level, and improving corporate management. In the next step, China Coal Group will actively promote in-depth cooperation with large companies such as Huawei, vigorously build cloud environment, cloud development, cloud application industry and service system, accelerate the improvement of the Group's information application level, and promote the cloud computing industry and social economy leapfrogging. Development contributes more power!


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